Salesforce Innovation Days Prague under the sign of AI


Robin Fisher, Michal Mravináč and Corinna Spohr, Salesforce

In the Cubex business center in Prague Na Pankráci, a Salesforce conference was held again, which was in the spirit of using artificial intelligence (AI) in its CRM. We had the opportunity to interview three Salesforce representatives at the round table, namely Corinna Spohr, Robin Fisher and Michal Mravináč, who is in charge of our region.
Salesforce has been in the CRM market for 24 years, it is still dedicated only to CRM, but during this time it has already bought many companies that are constantly adding to its platform. Salesforce doesn’t really compete with other software vendors like SAP, it just helps their data live. Salesforce knows how to put together data – internal, third-party, external and with the help of AI evaluates it into a trustworthy result.
At Salesforce, they started forecasting back in 2014 with their Einstein AI tool. While e-mail marked the first revolution in IT, AI has now started the second, and AI is now a more powerful tool than e-mail. Generative AI is becoming a critical tool for Salesforce. While 99% of the data is almost unimportant, the remaining 1% of the data is critical to sales because it has undergone some change.
Salesforce also supports low-code and no-code technologies that make (customer) system configuration easier and faster.
Salesforce relies 100% on implementation partners, it only creates the platform and competencies itself. He is only looking for the right partners from a certain type of industry – manufacturing, finance, trade, healthcare, etc.
According to Salesforce, the future is about the right knowledge, so it provides its platform for learning. It is publicly available and the idea is to democratize access to the technology, for which you can then buy licenses for your own business. Because Salesforce is a cloud platform, licenses are subscription-based. Updates usually come three times a year, so what the system looks like today will be different than what it will look like a year from now.

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