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Reconstruction of the Negrelli Viaduct

This year, a record 74 buildings applied, and 39 projects advanced to the finals. The jury awarded four main prizes, six honorable mentions and one special prize for environmental contribution.

They won the main award reconstruction of the Negrelli viaduct in Prague, new footbridge over the Elbe in Nymburk, conversion of Winternitz automatic mills in Pardubice and new liquid hydrocarbon production plant in Litvínov. Worth attention wetland mine water treatment plant in the Mostecká coal basinwhich rightfully received a special prize for ecological contribution.

The public award won this year for the construction of a new Pavilion P of the Faculty Hospital in Olomouc.

“It is not possible to build well without a quality project, but even the best project does not guarantee a good result if the construction is carried out by a company of dubious quality. Both certainly cannot be guaranteed if they are our work undervalued and repeatedly competed for minimum prices. It’s tiring to keep repeating it,” comments its chairman Robert Špalek on the results of the Prize of the Chamber of Engineers.

The architectural solution of the spacious pool hall in Louny and the wellness area enables the optical connection of the exterior and interior through the glass facade towards the south.

According to him and the jury, this year’s award-winning buildings have one more essential characteristic in common: relatively quick construction permit procedure, given by responsibly prepared project documentation and reasonable officials. The record holder in this respect is the swimming pool in Louny, whose permit did not last even two months.

The Negrelli viaduct certainly deserves attention in this regard, in the case of which the demanding surveys, processing and discussion of the project documentation for the extensive reconstruction of the cultural and technical monument in the complex territory of the Prague heritage reserve took only three years.

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