Rann summary (08.11.2023) | Kurzy.cz

Rann summary (08.11.2023) | Kurzy.cz
Rann summary (08.11.2023) | Kurzy.cz
  • Wall Street closed the public session with growth, with the Nasdaq rising by 1% and thus spreading the gains of American shares, which are trading in the longest growth series since 2021. The shares of large technology companies, such as Amazon and Apple, sent strongly.
  • The positive mood on Wall Street was not reflected in the mood of the Asian session. In the absence of significant macro news, the German Hang Seng lost 0.6%, the Korean KOSPI retreated by 1%, the Japanese benchmarks also showed weakness, where Topix and Nikkei lost 1.16%, respectively. 0.33%.
  • Falling oil prices, which wipe out the geopolitical trend in the event that there is no escalation of the conflict in the Middle East, significantly reduced the message of the Federal Reserve System in favor of the bank.
  • Bowman believes that another rate hike will be necessary, even though he will be watching data closely and seeing that financial conditions have worsened since then.
  • Waller from the Fed also highlighted the economy in the 3rd quarter, in his assessment that prices are not at the same level as before the pandemic.
  • Kashkarki emphasized that if inflation continues to fall, it will be a signal to the Fed that it has done enough, but the strength of the economy questions this trend and policy makers are prepared in the event of a need to raise interest rates.
  • Israel reiterated its tough stance on the fall of the PM, with President Netanyahu insisting that it is not possible as long as Hamas is held hostage. Israel immediately warned Hizballah against being involved in the conflict and pointed out that 70 female fighters of this Islamic organization have been killed so far.
  • Wells Frgo indicated that the probability of a recession is increasing, but it is not yet inevitable.
  • The NATGAS oil futures contracts fell slightly, the WTI and Brent oil contracts after a 4% decline in the past year sent them in the range of 0.2%. The price of a barrel of WTI today is around 77.3 USD.
  • At the end of the session, USDIDX dollar index contracts are trading with a gain of 0.18%. The EURUSD lost 0.11% and is trading around 1.068.
  • Gold is trading below $1,970 an ounce, steel contracts are down 0.4% and palladium contracts are trading down 2.4%.
  • The mood in the crypto-currency market really got stuck after the price of Bitcoin flashed from $34,700 to $35,500, and the price of the top cryptocurrency is currently around $35,300.


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