It’s not possible. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, repelled the attack from the “rainbows”


Writer JK Rowling, the author of the saga of Harry Potter, a wizarding student fighting evil in the form of “pureblood” dogmatists, has for many years been seen as the star of all progressive liberals.

But then she casually noted in one tweet that “breastfeeding people” are usually called “women” and has been on the homophobe blacklist for several years since then. Even the actors who made her characters famous in child roles were forced by the internet mob to distance themselves from her.

The writer, who has become a billionaire thanks to the fantastic worldwide success of her book series, seems to not care, and she certainly does not intend to correct her position under pressure.

That’s why from time to time a furious debate erupts on its social networks, during which militant LGBTQ+ activists give vent to their temperament.

This is how he has been arguing with members of the Critical Cupcake discussion group for the past few days. A rainbow profile, defining itself as “science, entertainment, left, LGBTQ+, atheism, resistance”, who attacked her with the message: “You have all the money in the world and you still refuse to listen to doctors and experts and prefer to lie and demonize the minority with your irrational hatred”.

Rowling made it clear that she was talking to scientists. “Many doctors, nurses, therapists, teachers, social workers and academics have contacted me. And they think that we are experiencing a socio-medical scandal,” she explained to the activists the position of the professional community.

“Please give me examples of my lies. And also proof that I have all the money in the world, because my accountant tells me something completely different,” concluded the writer.

She did not receive examples in the thread, only calls to publish the names of her experts. Most of the debaters, on the contrary, expressed their support for her.

The debate recalled several sad cases in recent weeks in which people who have “transitioned” (a contemporary term for gender change) complain, regret their move and warn everyone else against making a similar decision.

Instead of answering the question, Critical Cupcake reshared a comment written by a “long-term internet gay” from Massachusetts named Hank Green. He explained it bluntly: “Just to be clear.” Racists don’t tweet “I hate non-white people”. They tweet things that make white people more afraid of non-white people. Jo Rowling does the exact same thing with trans women. She writes as if it were her life”.

Here, on the contrary, the opinions that criticized the writer converged. “People cannot imagine how dangerous these ‘opinions’ are. They are promoting a hate movement and putting many people at risk including me, one complained.

“She has made her hatred of trans people very explicit several times,” added another.

Rowling herself on the network recently recalled the sadly bizarre case from the end of October, in which a certain Freddie Trenchard was convicted of raping a woman, who in the meantime went through the transition and now, under the name Alyssa Christine, caused a scandal with his lawyer that the judge did not use the required address “Miss” , to which they also forced the testifying rape victim.

It was this post that sparked the current heated debate when the writer shared screenshots of some of the extremely hateful posts she received because of it. “Stay home, dude. A lot of things can happen that look like an accident.”… “When is the fucking bitch going to quit? Someone should poison her already.’

“A small example of what happens when you say that forcing a woman to call the guy who raped her ‘she’ is state-sanctioned abuse,” Rowling commented.

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author: Jakub Vosáhlo

The article is in Czech

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