Matthew Perry: I was making $80 million, my mom wasn’t proud of me

Matthew Perry: I was making $80 million, my mom wasn’t proud of me
Matthew Perry: I was making $80 million, my mom wasn’t proud of me

The late actor Matthew Perry, known as Chandler from the famous TV series Friends, revealed a number of intimacies from his private life in his book Friends, Love and the Big Trouble, which was published just a year before his death. He spoke about his mother and father, among other things. Who was his support in the most difficult moments?

Perry was raised by his mother as his father abandoned the family. When he became a world famous actor and made one movie after another, mom acted like nothing happened. She never told him how proud she was of him. “What if I always wanted to tell her that little show Friends and all those other movies? I basically did it to get her attention. And yet she’s the only one whose attention I haven’t gotten thanks to Friends. She sometimes mentioned it, but she was never proud of what her son had accomplished,” he described in his book.

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Raising him was not easy

He wasn’t angry with her, but he was sorry. “I think there was probably no way she could be as proud of me as I needed her to be. And if you want to blame your parents for the bad things, you have to give them points for the good ones too. If my mother wasn’t my mother, I would never have played Chandler. If my mother hadn’t been my mother, I would never have made the $80 million,” the actor recounted.

At the same time, he acknowledged that his mother didn’t have it easy with him either. “The important thing is that I left my mother at the age of fifteen, just as my father had left her before. It wasn’t easy raising me. And mom tried her best,” he revealed honestly.

His mother spent five months with him in the hospital room

When his intestine ruptured five years ago due to an overdose of opiates, he was in a coma for two weeks and the doctors told his relatives that he only had a two percent chance of survival, and it was his mother who was his biggest support. “She spent five months in the hospital room with me before I came out of the coma,” Perry said. His life ended on October 28 at the age of 54, his assistant found him dead in his home in a hot tub where he had drowned.

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