PHOTO: Sokolovna was once again dominated by the wheel. Who won the traditional Grand Prix?


On the first weekend of November (already traditionally on Saturday), the international Přerov Grand Prix was played as a 64th annual memorial to Hynek Hlobil, the founder of the club. The victory was won by a pair from Prague, one half of which learned to fly in the Přerov falconry.

Grand prize of the city of Přerov, Hynko Hlobila Memorial 2023

| Photo: Petr Hrušecký

It cannot be said that only men competed in 27 matches at the Grand Prix at the Bečva River. Daria Dönig started in goal for KSC Leipzig, who took sixth place with Tom Herrmann and left behind four other teams.

There were a total of ten of them, the best of them was the pair of TJ Pankrác Praha Jan Kripner – Petr Šístek. The latter is a member of the Přerov section.

Second place was taken by Schwechat Vienna, third Zlín – Prštné III. The domestic pair Filip Váňa – Matěj Karas did not repeat the performance from the second league and finished fifth. Druzhstvo Baje (Hungary) was second to last before TJ Milo Olomouc.

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Pupils also played

Grand prize of the city of Přerov, Hynko Hlobila Memorial 2023Grand prize of the city of Přerov, Hynko Hlobila Memorial 2023Source: Petr Hrušecký

On Sunday, the Přerov falconry was filled with seven teams of pupils with their parents and relatives as part of the 2nd round of the Moravian group of the Czech Cup.

The competition was dominated for the second time by a young promising couple from Šitbořice. The Přerov teams Ladislav Bürgl – Viktor Hudeček and Ondřej Přibyl – Martin Kocurek took third and fourth place after an enthusiastic performance.

The next round is played on December 2 in Šitbořice.

Author: Antonín Přikryl


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