Tragic fire in Mikulovice: a dead person was found in the house


A fire in an older house in Mikulovice in Jesenice had tragic consequences. Firefighters found a dead body in the building.

Firefighters responded to the fire in Mikulovice on Tuesday night, thick smoke was rising from the building. The building was supposed to be abandoned.

“We received a notification about the fire shortly before 9 p.m. It was necessary to put out a large amount of various burning waste and other stored items,” described fire department spokesman Zdeněk Hošák.

“In the ground floor, which was the most affected by the fire, the firemen found a person without signs of life,” said the spokesman of the firemen.

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The flames also spread to the upper floor and the roof of the building.

“The units gradually extinguished the fire also in the part of the ceiling cover, using a thermal camera to find small outbreaks, uncover them and generally extinguish them.

The cause of the fire in the building is now under investigation.

“One of the most likely options is carelessness when handling an open fire,” said spokesman Hošák.

The amount of damage has not yet been determined, the firefighters are cooperating with the police on the case. In addition to professionals from Jeseník, volunteer units from Mikulovice, Zlaty Hory and Široký Brod also intervened in the fire.


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