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Unsuitable glasses can kill your productivity. Don’t find a cheap one that only worsens the condition, experts advise

Unsuitable glasses can kill your productivity. Don’t find a cheap one that only worsens the condition, experts advise
Unsuitable glasses can kill your productivity. Don’t find a cheap one that only worsens the condition, experts advise

“The long-term statistics of our names in companies prove that 99% of new employees have a correcting defect, and 55% do not have it at all,” stated Martin Slan, expert guarantor and optometrist at FOKUS optics and added: “In addition to the habit, dreams of work performance, various symptoms of increased visual quality and pain, uncorrected visual acuity is also affected by the way of the head and body medulla. compensated body medulla, which manifests itself in a very short time, pain in various parts of the body, head and neck discomfort, which seems unrelated to uncorrected visual quality.”

These words are also confirmed by the head of the field of study, a qualified optometrist at the Stedn Medical College in Koicch, Mgr. Andrej Slaninka: “Take care of your eyesight even when you are not wearing prescription glasses and give your eyes enough rest. If you wear prescription glasses and work during the day with a hat or a smartphone, I recommend wearing a protective layer in front of blue light to block your eyes. so you can turn to the employees of opticians, opticians and optometrists who can advise you and if you need glasses, change your sight and suggest the most suitable one for you.

Cheap ones can only make the situation worse

When they feel initial problems, they often reach for cheap corrective tools that can relieve their feelings. You can find them in online stores, but also in drugstores and food stores as universal glasses. These tools are often made of poor quality materials and their construction may be inaccurate. These deficiencies can cause unpleasant sensations when sleeping or even allergic reactions. “Cheap glasses often do not have a precisely set diopter, which can cause inaccurate vision correction. At first, it may seem that you can see with the glasses, but their use can lead to blurred vision or other vision problems.” stated Martin Slan from on optics Fokus and added: “In addition, cheap materials can be prone to scratches and damage, which impairs visual quality and increases eye strain. They also lack the guarantee of filtering harmful substances, such as UV and artificial blue light according to European standards. Investing in quality correction equipment is therefore, investing in health and sight, as our most important sense, and should be a priority for each one of us,” added Martin Slan.

File a layoff with your employer if you are fired

Many employees do not know that if their eyesight deteriorates while working with display units, the employer should pay for glasses or contact lenses. This is based on the recent Pelom decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union, which concerns all EU member states.

Therefore, if you work with the intention of not spending several hours a day, it is necessary to undergo a regular eye examination. “During the day, do not resort to so-called self-diagnosis, and I definitely do not recommend reaching for emergency glasses in the form of universal office glasses. These devices often have a fancy and magical product description, but their effect is not so magical. Non-individual placement of glasses in the middle of ready-made diopters often causes headaches , increased nausea and problems with concentration, and according to my experience, in the long term, it can lead to vision problems,” concluded Martin Slan.

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