The murderer who killed the man in love was released. He has improved, the court says

The murderer who killed the man in love was released. He has improved, the court says
The murderer who killed the man in love was released. He has improved, the court says

Thirty-nine-year-old Jaroslav Hrdlička was released at the end of October after serving two-thirds of his sentence. was the first to report about it.

“He was given a probationary period of seven years and supervised by a probation officer,” confirmed René Braun, spokesman for the District Court in Šumperk, to MF DNES. If Hrdlička does not comply with the condition, he will return to Mírov prison, where he has been serving his sentence until now.

“The court considers that the convicted person has already demonstrated improvement during the execution of his sentence, especially in his behavior and performance of his duties. He was disciplined several times. The conclusions of the expert opinion do not rule out that he will lead a proper life in the future,” added Braun. The public prosecutor did not file a complaint against the court’s decision.

According to the director of the Mírov prison, he was a problem-free prisoner with a good work ethic. “He does not look for conflict situations and is polite to the supervisors. In October 2017, he was transferred from the regime of increased security to security,” Braun quoted the head of the peace prison as saying. In the course of 2016, Hrdlička also started working with furniture and performed the job until his dismissal.

He also paid the murdered man’s brother 175,000 crowns as damages, as determined by the court. He stated before the Šumper court that after his release he will live in Pilsen, where he has secured housing.

The murder happened on the evening of September 14, 2013, on the road between Mešn and Příkosice in the Rokycan region. At that time, according to experts, Hrdlička was already frustrated by the fact that his half-sister, with whom he was in love, did not reciprocate his feelings.

When her boyfriend made a nasty comment about her on the fateful evening, Hrdlička attacked him with a hammer after an argument. He had this in the van he used as a carpenter for business.

According to experts, he hit his head, especially the back of his head, at least eight times in love. The three blows were so strong that they pierced the bones of the skull.

The man apparently lost consciousness for a moment. Then, according to the indictment, Hrdlička stabbed him twice more in the right side of the neck. The knife also damaged the vertebrae of the spine. He then left Hrdliček’s lifeless body in the forest near Kornati, where it was found by a mushroom picker a day later.

Jaroslav’s brother Vojtěch remains in prison. He brutally murdered his father and stepmother in July 2012 and was sentenced to 19 years for it. It was allegedly revenge for the mental and physical abuse of the brothers and both half-sisters.

Murdered Sok’s brother in love reacts to verdict (March 19, 2014)

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