Politicians should not lie to pensioners


You might not immediately remember her face, but her voice certainly does. Jana Postlerová, the mother of the popular and very busy actress Simona Postlerová, is a Czech actress, dubbing artist and voice consultant for the presenters of the largest Czech television stations and former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš. This year she celebrated her eightieth birthday. But this energetic lady definitely does not deal with the date in her birth certificate. In an interview with Czech pensions, she talked about how much work she has every day, and mentioned that she definitely does not intend to let up on her pace.

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Actress and voice actor Jana Postlerová.

I found out that you celebrated a beautiful jubilee in May…

Well, it’s not called that, it’s so stupid. That’s a number.

How did you celebrate it?

No way, I don’t celebrate these things at all.

But everyone else around you would probably like to celebrate, right?

I don’t know, but I don’t celebrate it, so nothing is celebrated.

And how do you feel?

I have to take pills because I have some findings. It’s just not a hit, there’s something there. But I’m not complaining.

I know you follow politics, how satisfied are you with the state of society today?

No, no, no, not at all. It’s a complete disaster what’s going on. Scam after scam, lie after lie, you can’t trust anyone. What this government is doing is totally unacceptable.

Why, what?

These are promises that have not been fulfilled, and I consider that a fraud.

I can still earn some extra money

If you had the power, if a politician asked you, “Ms. Postler, what should we do for the pensioners?” What do you think they should do?

Above all, they shouldn’t lie to us. They should really think about how it should be, and they should realize how much we actually have, where are the normal pensions. It is not adequate and when we know where German pensioners and English pensioners move, it is not here.

I’m not complaining because I can still earn extra. In addition to being retired, I am self-employed, so I can still work. Please, I don’t complain about how much I have, it’s enough for me, I’m a modest person. But overall, it bothers me that it was promised, promised and not fulfilled. I mind that. We will not raise taxes, they raised taxes. I mind that.

You’ve already had it – you’re still working, even though you could be enjoying your retirement right now.

Because I wouldn’t enjoy lying with my feet up.

And what do you do, where do you teach, who do you teach?

On the one hand, I have my own academy where I teach people from the street who need it. Different managers, representatives or directors of companies need to “get together” somehow, so I teach you. In addition, I teach editors, presenters at Prima and now I have started teaching at an international conservatory, so there is quite a lot. And besides that, I have my own profession, I do dubbing.

I think that’s a bit too much even for a normal person.

I’ve had it my whole life, it goes like that, it goes by itself…

And is it the case that those people are still begging and looking for you? Do they want you to date?

Yes, that’s supply, demand. I don’t hunt for it anywhere, people just call, they want people. When I have time, I do it, and when I don’t have time, I say I don’t have time.

Do you have any new teaching methods? I remember you teaching us to run around the tables and up the stairs.

Of course, we do that all the time. When someone has little energy, they have to run to get some of that energy. But everyone is different, everyone needs a slightly different approach.

How would you evaluate your current students and students twenty years ago? How do people today feel about speaking and speaking?

He who wants to speak well, he comes to me and I will teach him.


Yes, it’s that simple. But the person has to want it, if he doesn’t want it, I won’t force him. He has to sign up and want it, and that’s how he gets it. And if he does what I want him to do, if he does his homework, because I know that homework is not done, then that’s how it goes.

I remember your homework, I kept saying at home, “Put the forks in the shelf next to the spoon.” Right?

Of course, yes, the forks go. These are popular.

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The prime minister is not energetic

And do you still teach Andrej Babiš?

No, not for a long time now, I think he doesn’t need it as much now because he doesn’t make the big speeches we used to make when he was prime minister or when he was finance minister. Now he’s running normally around people and I think he’s doing quite well. He gets angry here and there, and I’ve always told him that’s where the heat is.

He mainly has energy, and it is important that he knows how to talk to these people, which unfortunately our new prime minister does not have. He’s a bit of a noodle in a bandage, he’s a bit subdued, he dies during speeches, and that’s bad, he can’t say to people: “Come on, come on, please, help me!” I mean well, I know it.’

That’s the communication. Communication is exactly taking energy and throwing it at people and always being with them, energetically being with them. And he can’t do that. This is a crazy problem because he is a political scientist, he has a different way of thinking, he is not a politician. He must, I call it, to the barricades, he must take the banner and go and beg.

The word please is a very important word, we learn it from a young age. “Daddy, please, can I go out? Mom, can I have a drink please?” This is a terribly important word, and one that the current government absolutely does not use. She has to beg people, we pay them. They are our employees, and they are not begging us, and that is unacceptable to me.

What do you think of the president, he makes quite a speech, doesn’t he?

No, bad. He doesn’t have a facial expression, he doesn’t have a frame, he says “tatatatatatata”, and he goes “eh, eh” in between. Which is also a disaster. It’s just theater, it’s acting, it has to be there a little bit to get people excited.

A person must be happy with what he is doing so that I can believe that he means well. He can’t do that either, but I understand because he’s a soldier, he’s been giving orders and obeying orders all his life, he can’t do this. But he should learn to talk to people with enthusiasm, with enthusiasm for the cause. It’s not there, absolutely not. It’s totally boring, I can’t listen to him because this is unacceptable to me.

Where do you get such energy and enthusiasm?

That is the Lord God, that is perpetual motion. God started it and when He stops it, He will stop it.

And do you wonder what will happen when it stops? Are you ready for it to stop someday?

Well, I’ll die when it stops, that’s normal.

But have you ever thought about it? Is there any need to prepare for it?

And how, for God’s sake, it’s not possible. The doctors are preparing me by giving me some pills to make the organs that are no longer working work anyway. That’s a matter for the doctors and I’m not interested in it. I am obedient, I have three doctors, and I just do what they tell me. And I want the same from my students. That’s what I wanted from Mr. Babiš, and he fulfilled it. I said: “It will be like that.” And it was like that.

What do you do when you are not teaching, what are your hobbies?

For Christ’s sake, I lie down and sleep! After all, I don’t have time for anything at all, it’s impossible, there’s too much. Every day there is always something. Now I have to take taxis because I had a stroke and a broken vertebra so I can’t walk much. I can’t walk far, I can’t use public transport, so I take a taxi, that’s it.

When you don’t use public transport, have you heard a new voice in public transport?

Yes, that’s Mr. Vondráček, he’s excellent.

Do you like it?

Sure, he’s amazing. So velvety. You see, it’s important to hear a beautiful voice even in public transport. And I want politicians to have this so they don’t talk like Stanjura. He says two words and then he says “dzwukgfze”, and I don’t know the third word. They can’t speak, they can’t even speak Czech here and there.

MEP Zdechovský speaks horribly, he simply speaks in slang, he does not follow written Czech. At the same time, politicians should follow written Czech, because they should be our role models. But they don’t do that. Most. Some can do it, but I would criticize many of them.


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Animals are amazing

In conclusion, I will ask what advice you would have for our pensioners? How to enjoy the autumn of life so that it is simply great?

I can’t advise anyone, everyone has that in themselves. How he wants to arrange it… Never advise anyone on this, you have to find it yourself. I say: “That is God’s business. It starts, take it, and it stops, done.” But I can’t say, “Do it, do it.” That’s not possible.

I look after the neighbor’s cat, she was in the hospital now, so I had her for seven Sundays. I used to walk the dogs of a neighbor who was in Jáchymov for treatment. You can’t do it without animals, animals are amazing, that’s the only thing I would recommend. Get any animal, cat or dog, go outside and talk to animals. This is the best it can be. Animals are absolutely everything to me.

And are you looking forward to Christmas? They’re already out the door.

I don’t celebrate Christmas, I don’t care. I don’t like Christmas. It’s the kind of holiday where people cry by the tree, get together and it’s all good, and then they argue again all year. Not all of them, but just celebrations and all this is not for me at all.

What makes you happy besides animals?

Animals and work. When someone starts working well as a moderator or when a manager thanks me for helping him, I’m happy, it gives me a boost. That’s enough.

Thank you very much for the interview.

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