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8/11/2023 | It’s Bohumír’s holiday

J. Kratochvíl
11/8/2023 11:57 AM

The author of the article is wrong. Israelis and Russia are fighting for their existence here. While it seems clear with Israel and we mostly agree with Russia, it is worse. Again, Russia is also fighting for its existence because collectively the West and the US are seeking its disintegration and weakening so that they can have access to its vast mineral wealth and the profits that flow from it. This is what the West has been trying to do since the end of the Cold War in the 1990s. The entire Eastern Bloc was disintegrating, including Czechoslovakia or Yugoslavia, and NATO continues with this goal towards the borders of Russia. Russia demanded Ukraine’s neutrality, and the West’s response was to provoke a civil war in Ukraine, and it did not want to act on any neutrality not only from 2014, but earlier before that date. In 2022, Putin ran out of patience and began to act.

J. Karza
11/8/2023 11:50 AM

My guess is that the mainstream media will be the very last to give up. They will lead the offensive for a long time after the war.


M. Valenta
11/8/2023 9:38 AM

What’s so weird about that? With the end of Ukraine and Israel, western values ​​will also cease to exist, and it is quite likely that not only on their territory.


R. Langer
11/8/2023 11:29 AM

Western values? Do you mean the ones for which the EU is now sending triple financial support to Palestine? Not even Putin is that stupid! So please shove that BUNCH of shit IN YOUR ASS, COMRADES! ;-€


P. Diviš
11/8/2023 11:37 AM

You can choose from existing alternatives. The choices are “Western” (not much, I agree), Islamic (you probably don’t want), Russian, or Chinese (also not much).

Personally, I take the Western ones, because, despite all the existing stupidity, it is somehow possible to correct them. Islamic, Russian and Chinese do not.


R. Langer
11/8/2023 11:40 AM

Seriously? How have you corrected ANYTHING from the EU in the last 10 years. How has ANYONE ANYTHING corrected anything from the EU? You are simply LYING IN YOUR POCKET, and you are completely out of touch with reality. You’ll really wake up when those slugs here throw grenades at you, as is already the case in France and Sweden. So far, they are just shooting each other in Germanistan. ;-€


J. Karza
11/8/2023 11:59 AM

That western nonsense is not a strategy for survival and prosperity. Unlike the others you mentioned.


R. Meišner
11/8/2023 9:10 AM

in other words, the West has had enough of pouring money into Ukraine and is moving away from it… and with Israel’s support, it will turn out the same way–this time for the reason that they don’t break up the domestic fifth column that they are breeding so successfully there….really beautiful views. 8-o


8/11/2023 8:20 AM

I’m not a military strategist, but I know that offense requires more power than defense. It follows from this that a counter-offensive that is too early has less chance of success, it is better to wait until the attacker is a little exhausted. This is how the Americans left Vietnam and Afghanistan or Napoleon left Russia.


F. Returned
11/8/2023 7:42 AM

Wars are not won by propaganda, the author rightly says. And he continues with blunt propaganda. There were only two options in Ukraine. Global nuclear conflict or wiping Ukraine off the map. There was a third option for Ukraine not to succumb to the pressure, corruption and promises of the USA and to abide by the Budapest Declaration and the Minsk Agreements. Then today it would be a neutral prosperous federal state with an autonomous Crimea.


L. Harvanek
11/8/2023 7:17 AM

If Ukraine joined NATO, we would probably all wonder what geopolitical changes it would bring. And I’m afraid that we wouldn’t be happy about it, because it would start promoting its own interests at the expense of other smaller member countries. Unlike us, she has a lot to offer.


P. Diviš
11/8/2023 11:38 AM

An interesting theory, one could say an alternative one. What is the difference between Ukrainian interests and the interests of smaller member countries?


J. Karza
11/8/2023 7:14 AM

If we compare the two conflicts, the long-term perspective of the survival of an independent state is an order of magnitude lower in the case of Israel.


Z. Koutecký
11/8/2023 11:16 AM

Well, the Israelis have already won enough of those wars for the existence of their state, so it doesn’t look so hopeless. Ukraine has the same long-term perspective as we do – to become a region of a united European state.


P. Hook
11/8/2023 6:52 AM

I’m looking at it too. Not being in NATO = wipe off the map? They probably mean that countries outside of NATO do not exist at all.


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