12:00 – Europe weakens slightly, BCPP is added, the euro did not sustain the morning growth, oil calm after yesterday’s slide, gold weaker

European stock markets generally weakened slightly during this morning. Corporate earnings reports and macros play a major role in leading the decline in retail sales in Germany. Although they fell less than expected, the pace of their decline still increased.

Commerzbank, Credit Agricole, Marks Spencer, Telefonica, Adidat, ABN Amro and others will present their 3Q results today.

In the morning, the euro did not maintain the morning’s positive mood against the dollar and is starting to weaken slightly.

Crown only and similarly in both main pairs.


In the morning, crude oil is roughly at the level of yesterday’s close, when it fell by about 4 USD per barrel in a single day. The conflict between Israel and Hamas seems to remain only at the “regional” level, which brings quite a lot of calm to the oil market.

Gold weakens slightly.


In the morning, BCPP copies the general European development. Before tomorrow’s publication of the results for 3Q, CEZ’s shares are strengthening slightly to just above the CZK 1,000 mark. Rather, the market is waiting for the possibility of some positive surprise. The Ministry of Finance’s statements on the future functioning of the company do not yet bring any new information. Certain changes are necessary, but it has not yet been clarified in what concrete form they will take place.

Banks tend to weaken slightly today.

Prague Stock Exchange

Online 12:06:53

Name Course Change Volume Yesterday
COLT(CZG) 557.00 0.54% 0.27 million 554.00
ČEZ 1001.00 0.20% 63.05 million 999.00
ERSTE 835.80 -0.50% 11.29 million 840.00
GEN(NORTON) 421.50 0.96% 0.04 million 417.50
KB 671.50 0.15% 32.73 million 670.50
KOFOLA 271.00 1.12% 0.03 million 268.00
COIN 90.20 -0.11% 4.79 million 90.30
PHOTON 50.10 -0.79% 0.24 million 50.50
PILL 266.00 -2.21% 0.15 million 272.00
P.M 16280.00 -0.12% 1.63 million 16300.00
VIG 620.00 -1.59% 0.38 million 630.00
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