Voluntary prisoner in Blehrad, k actor Predrag Bjelac

Voluntary prisoner in Blehrad, k actor Predrag Bjelac
Voluntary prisoner in Blehrad, k actor Predrag Bjelac

Predrag Bjelac is the son of a Serb and a Croat. He always considered himself a Yugoslav, and when the wolf started in his country, he refused to fight against his neighbor. It was absurd for me to join a party. Both sides were mine, k.

He tried to avoid war, ignored orders and hoped that the madness of families against each other would soon end. I didn’t want to join the army. They came after me, I was sleeping with my friends. Especially at night. There was a threat that even if there was no trial, they would send me wherever they wanted, remembering the time before my death.

In 1992, he left the country and moved to Prague, because there was no conscription. He tried to financially support his family, which remained in Serbia, but without knowledge of the language he could not devote himself to acting, which he studied in Yugoslavia. We gave video distribution. It was a time when the market gave movies. We had bov and ckov films with Jackie Chan, Lorenzo Lamas, he describes.

In Prague, he then met his wife, who had also escaped from Yugoslavia, and together they opened a handbag boutique. After seven years, he moved to acting by accident. He was casting a sparring partner adept for the lead role in a BBC film about a wolf in Yugoslavia. Reisr chose his.

Professionally, things started to go well for him, privately it was a mountain. He wanted to start a family, but it was not even possible to use artificial insemination. Finally, after many years, it was done at a clinic in Belgium. Daughters Una and Tara were born when Bjelac was 46 years old. This is the age when you have the spirit but not the word. But I am ast. That was the last reminder. They gave me some customs and duties. I dream about them, to the actor.

However, his marriage fell apart and the woman decided to move to Blehrad with the children. Bjelac therefore commutes between Prague and Blehrad to be with his children. I’ve been living this schizophrenic life for a long time, since the divorce. I work there a lot, he describes.

He wouldn’t want to stay there permanently. I am at home wherever I am. I respect the time in Blehrad, but he is such a voluntary prisoner. It’s nice at home, but when I have to go out, I don’t have time. Today in Serbia, slowly no one will hire anyone who is not a Serb. They went to such an extreme that everyone must be Orthodox and everyone Serbian, otherwise we are not equal. Today, it is not easy to be someone else in Serbia. And I’m different. I respect myself as a defender of the world and not just one hundred, the actor described.

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