Prague 10 will work closely with Vinohrady Hospital PRAGUE 10 | News

Prague 10 will work closely with Vinohrady Hospital PRAGUE 10 | News
Prague 10 will work closely with Vinohrady Hospital PRAGUE 10 | News

The mayor of Prague 10, Martin Valovič, and the director of the University Hospital of Královské Vinohrady, Jan Votava, signed a memorandum of cooperation. The document builds on recent support for the development of palliative care in this medical facility.

“By signing the memorandum today, we somehow confirmed the cooperation in other areas, and this is primarily in the area where two phenomena meet, that is, on the one hand, health care and on the other hand, social care. We are an important provider of social care in Prague 10, the university hospital a provider of health care, which means that we can work together to share certain capacities,” said the mayor of Prague 10, Martin Valovič (Together for Prague 10).

Solving situations where the patient is on the border between health and social care should help relieve the hospital.

“Elderly people who live alone and wish to live in their own social environment get sick, end up in hospital, and then we and they would very much like to return to their own social environment. They may not be able to do this completely independently, they also need some support from the social services that the city district has under them,” said Martin Havrda – head of the internal clinic of the University Hospital of Královské Vinohrady.

“The memorandum itself now immediately provides the framework for the cooperation that we have been preparing since the spring of this year, and there are several directions for that assistance and cooperation. First of all, it is about the boundary between social and health care, palliative care, preventive programs,” said Jan Votava – director of the University Hospital of Královské vinohrady

As part of deeper cooperation, the town hall and the hospital also want to focus on a joint information campaign, especially for the elderly, about health services in the Prague 10 municipal area.

“There are an awful lot of services, whether social or health, that we provide, and it’s terribly difficult for residents and interested parties to find their way around them, and they often burden us with questions, whether for example the social department within the office or for example, the heads of individual clinics. So we thought, let’s create a common signpost, which can subsequently lead to a specific type of help,” explained David Kašpar (STAN) – Councilor of the Prague 10 Municipality

In the past, the district has already cooperated with the hospital several times. For example, with the amount of half a million, she supported the local development of palliative medicine, which deals with the quality of life of terminally ill patients.

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