Outlaws vs. Fico’s government: Will they limit their activities in schools? Ah, what Pellegrini claims


The Speaker of the Parliament and the Hlas-SD coalition, Peter Pellegrini, has not yet received a request from the government partners Smer-SD and SNS that the limitation of non-governmental organizations in schools be anchored in the government program statement (PVV).

“So far, I have not seen such a draft of the program statement, and we have not yet had a meeting where such a request would arise,” he said on Wednesday. According to him, the first draft of the statement is currently being prepared, on which the coalition partners should meet in the coming days.

Pellegrini supported the opinion of Education Minister Tomáš Drucker (Hlas-SD) that non-governmental organizations are not always in his way. According to him, it is necessary to find a way to enable teams to work in schools that help teaching and non-teaching staff of schools.

“We also have a church, organizations that take care of our children’s bad mental state, and some cynologists as part of therapy” he sketched. According to him, therefore, it is impossible to talk about a general resistance to such help. However, he rejects the abuse of school space to spread ideology.

Prime Minister Robert Fico (Smer-SD) confirmed last week that they are formulating the PVV and need about two weeks to compile it. He argued the need for an agreement between the coalition parties. Parliament could start discussing the government program on November 14.

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