The neighbor heard better than the partner in the next room, the police officers helped the woman


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A certain woman from Pardubice was convinced that it is good to maintain good relations not only in the family, but also with neighbors. She could not call her partner, who was in the next room – but unfortunately also hard of hearing. Sensing a possible problem, a neighbor who heard the pleading calls therefore called the police.

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“A woman living in a neighboring apartment heard the unusual and urgent calling of a man’s name at eleven o’clock at night. She recognized her neighbor’s voice and was also able to decipher that the woman kept calling her boyfriend’s name. Because the woman knew that the neighbor was handicapped, she was worried that something unpleasant had happened. She called 911 and asked for help. At the same time, she cooperated with the police officers, let them into the house and led them to the apartment where the call came from. After very strong banging and ringing, a surprised senior (78) who had no idea what was going on opened the door. Because of his hearing loss, he did not hear the call from the next room. The officers explained the whole situation to him and then rushed to help his girlfriend. The woman was actually lying on the ground and was unable to get up on her own due to her medical condition. The officers helped her back to her feet and placed her on the bed. The senior woman was fine, so there was no need for medical treatment,” police spokeswoman Lucie Klementová described the whole situation, fortunately with a happy ending.

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