Christmas sweets? The prices are the same as last year, but don’t wait to order


As soon as All Souls’ Day is over, it’s time to get ready for Christmas. Not only shopping for gifts and decorations, but mainly ordering sweets. Gone are the days when a proper housewife would fire up the oven in the evenings in order to have at least eight types of sweets ready for the holidays. Today, most people prefer to order sweets and serve them on the Christmas Eve table with almost no work. Have the prices changed compared to last year and is it the right time to ask a confectioner, or is it even too late?

Confectioneries and bakeries in Zlín accept Christmas orders

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In the Nováček family bakery in the Prštná district of Zlín, Marek bakes with his mother. Interest in Christmas cookies is great, as every year.

“First I have to satisfy the stores I import the sweets into, then the end customers,” says the baker and owner in one. Prices remain the same as last year. “We are a small bakery, we work in our own, energy has become cheaper, raw material prices are more or less stable. I have no reason to increase the margin,” Nováček explains.

Vanilla roll you can buy it for nine crowns, walnuts for 10.50. “Last year, Išelské cakes were the most popular, but people like everything from us. It’s made from honest, traditional ingredients, so the candy tastes the way it should,” adds the baker, who, for example, glues Linnaeus candy with his own marmalade and also specializes in gluten-free candy. Orders started coming in with the arrival of cooler weather. “Up until then, people didn’t even think about Christmas,” Nováček laughs.

A unique candy. Traditional rolls literally melt on the tongue

Average for him people spend 1,500 crowns, orders are usually up to three thousand crowns. “Extreme is a customer who buys Christmas cookies for ten thousand,” Nováček surprises with his answer.

They can bake up to 1,200 rolls or 3,000 cakes in a day. They do not follow working hours so much as a daily schedule. If it is not fulfilled, it continues to bake.

Even latecomers have a chance

Dino confectionery in Tomáš Bata Street in the center of Zlín is also accepting orders. Slowly for now. “We’ve barely cleaned the outdoor terrace and finished selling ice cream, we’re already getting ready for Christmas,” laugh the friendly salespeople Jana and Lenka.

Orders on Christmas sweets they accept until the end of November, but they also sell it freely in the pastry shop, so it is not a problem to buy it later. “However, we are open until December 23rd, it happened more than once that some customers bought Christmas cookies literally for five to twelve,” recalls the saleswoman, who notes that surprisingly many customers come to the confectionery even during the holidays. You can never have enough sweets.

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Last year candy offer they changed not only the types, but also the size of the boxes. “Compared to last year, we have a half-kilo box for 750 crowns, which is ideal for couples or people who live alone,” says confectioner Lenka. On the contrary, they canceled the three-quarter kilo offer. The kilo box then remains at the same price as last Christmas, you can buy it for 1,500 crowns.

“We now have honey balls, lard cakes, chocolate truffles, mussels or Parisian rolls on offer,” the saleswoman enumerates. Last Christmas, the confectionery baked 100 kilograms of candy.

In the legendary Zlínaka in Zaramí, which has been in operation since 1969, generations of Zlín residents have been sitting with an ice cream sundae. In addition to the permanent offer in the retro premises of the patisserie, you can order Christmas packages from Valachovi patisserie until St. Martin. A kilo for 1100 crowns and a quarter kilo for 278 crowns.

Somewhere they already have a stop sign

Where, on the other hand, you can no longer go with your order, there is, for example, Bistrotéka Valachy, which reports that it is closed. Just like Cukrovita, which informs about full capacities on its website. Popular confectioner Aneta from BistroKudlov is busy with her twins this year and is not accepting Christmas orders at all. “The bistro has been closed for the winter since October 30, and we will only open in March or April, depending on the weather,” says Aneta from BistroKudlov.

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