Summary 8.11. – Europe in the afternoon thanks to corporate results, US markets reserved, BCPP due to banks in the red zero, dollar weakened, oil and gold weak due to the conflict in Gaza

The Prask stock market in the middle of the week, with below average liquidity, could not follow the afternoon growth in Europe and ended up in the red zero.

After a negative morning, the European stock markets found a bullish mood in the second half of the day. It happened for the first time thanks to stinging corporate results and other signs that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian movement Hamas could only remain in the “regional” sphere.

On the afternoon of the 4th, the automotive sector did well, with the index growing by 1.6%. On the contrary, the worst was the general services sector, with the index weakening by about 1%.

Commerzbank, Credit Agricole, Marks Spencer, Telefonica, Adidas, ABN Amro and others announce the results today. The five named banks did relatively well in 3Q – see no. Stock Marks
& After all, Spencer is growing by about 9%.

US stock markets in the water of their trading for the time being are only looking for a direction to fall and weaken slightly. There, the markets have grown in the last 7 sessions in ad, which alone will create room for a correction.


During the day, the Eurodollar oscillated around the public animal, and later in the afternoon the trend started to pick up towards a slight strengthening of the Euro.

Koruna and by the end of the afternoon it was weakening fast, which then changed towards his messengers in both main money markets.


Oil continued to weaken in the second half of the day and later fell below USD 80 per barrel of Brent. The oil market was hit hard and there are signs that the conflict between Israel and Hamas will become a regional conflict, which differs according to the sensitive oil regions of the Near and Middle Entrance.

Gold reacts to such a soothing level and falls towards USD 1950 per ounce.


Today, BCPP is influenced by the easily sellable mood in the entire banking sector. On the contrary, the shares of EZ and Genu tried to be positive.

The energy leader will present the results for 3Q, from which the market is expected to be positively surprised by the improvement of the overall outlook for the whole year. There are new comments from the Ministry of Finance on the future functioning of the company, but you do not receive a day’s worth of new information. Certain changes are necessary and obvious, but what concrete form they will take has not yet been clarified.

Prague Stock Exchange

Zvr 8.11.2023

Don’t call Course Change Volume Faith
COLT(CZG) 558.00 0.72% 3.52 million 554.00
EZ 1007.00 0.80% 231.08 million 999.00
ERSTE 837.90 -0.25% 26.37 million 840.00
GEN(NORTON) 439.00 5.15% 0.77 million 417.50
KB 667.50 -0.45% 130.57 million 670.50
KOFOLA 269.00 0.37% 0.12 million 268.00
COIN 90.00 -0.33% 16.26 million 90.30
PHOTON 50.90 0.79% 0.36 million 50.50
PILL 275.00 1.10% 0.22 million 272.00
P.M 16180.00 -0.74% 5.24 million 16300.00
VIG 629.50 -0.08% 1.72 million 630.00
Subject: Stock Exchange 416.23 million

px online index

Comments on every day at the markets and mainly at first:

12:00 p.m. – Europe weakens slightly, BCPP rises, the euro did not hit the morning growth, oil calm after the general seup, gold weak

R EZ: The results for 3Q23 will be lost – in particular, there will be room for improved insight

Gen Digital: Number of Subscribers Moved to Growth, Insight in Line with Estimates

EZ: A divided company is not being prepared, but there are reasons for structural changes

EZ: Projection of results for 3Q

results for 3Q Consequences of Warner Bros. Discovery disappoints in 3Q, shares lose 15%

Holland ABN Amro in 3Q with results above market estimates

Commerzbank tripled its profit to EUR 684 million in 3Q

central bank The NBP did not bear the rates

NB: V from the foreign exchange fund for EUR 277 million

macro na – imports grew surprisingly in June, imports for a change fell more than expected

US – demand for mortgages rose in the past week, the year fell relatively sharply

Revenues in the eurozone have fallen year-on-year, but not what I expected

For the Czech and German economies, the economy is not good – high energy prices and the end of cheap Russian gas

The German industry has disappointed

The IMF posted an outlook for GDP growth this year at 5.4% and 4.6% in 2024

R – tourism in 3Q above pre-covid year 2019

R – services in the 3rd quarter with a decrease of 1.2%, then with a decrease of 5.2%

R – unemployment fell to 3.5% in June. The resilience of the Czech labor market is admirable.


Vladimr Urbnek

In the field” for more than 20 years. After several years of experience from trading with valuable peppers, Vladimr Urbnek for the past 15 years, he has been devoting himself to reporting from domestic and foreign capital markets.

He considers the age to be the result of experience and ability compared to the time before the last major crisis in 2008-9.

The article is in Czech

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