A Czech startup came up with artificial meat for dogs and cats


The Czechs were the first in the world to achieve certification for laboratory-grown meat, which can now be added to dog and cat food. The company also tries to grow meat intended for humans. In the future, thanks to their development, people could also indulge in ethical steaks, without the guilt of killing animals.

The Czech start-up Bene Meat Technologies (BMT) received certification for meat from the laboratory from the European Feed Materials Register. Company representatives state that they are the only company in the world that can add artificially grown meat to feed. They are now in talks with feed manufacturers to introduce sample products early next year. They should hit store shelves the same year.

The Prague-based start-up has been working on the development and technology of cultured meat production since 2020 in an international team of 80 scientists. The investor is the international BTL group, which operates in the field of medical devices.

Scientists have grown a mammoth meatball, they are reluctant to eat it. But he sees the future in meat from the laboratory


Are you curious about a meatball made of “mammoth” meat? You can see it, but not taste it. So far, it is only a teaser of the possibilities that genetic engineering offers to the food industry. In other words, to get an unavailable delicacy on the plate, or to get meat at a more affordable price and more sensitive to the environment.

Josef Tuček

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Cultured meat is produced in a laboratory in bioreactors. Cells taken from a live animal are “grown” in a nutrient-rich medium, the cultured meat is then textured and shaped into the desired shape. The main advantages lie in the safety of health, the quality of the raw materials and the solution of the ethical problem.

“We offer a quality no-kill meat alternative at a competitive price,” pointed out the CEO of BMT Roman Kříž. According to him, BMT technology is able to adapt to any manufacturer’s requirements for the resulting type of feed, it solves all aspects of production and the resulting price.

Worldwide, a number of companies are racing to develop commercially viable laboratory-grown meat and fish products. They want to appeal to consumers who are concerned about ethical issues and the environmental impact of raising farm animals, Reuters wrote. He recalls that in the United States of America they acquired companies Upside Foods and Good Meat in June regulatory approval for cultured meat intended for human consumptionwhich is second only to Singapore, according to Reuters.

The world’s first “test tube” meat factory. It is being built by Israel’s Future Meat

News from companies

Israeli company Future Meat Technologies has opened what it says is the world’s first industrial plant for the production of cellular meat. The plant should be able to produce 500 kilograms of artificial meat per day, Bloomberg wrote.


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The food market should be changed by “real dairy products” that have not seen a cow


Milk that is not actually milk and meat that is not meat can be found in vegetarian and vegan stores and restaurants. But what is coming now is something revolutionary: dairy products that match cow’s milk in composition, but come not from a cow, but from a bioreactor. It could be a breakthrough economically and ecologically.

Josef Tuček

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