Life with a procrastinator |

Life with a procrastinator |
Life with a procrastinator |

I try to get used to it in 41 years of marriage, but unfortunately I find that it is simply impossible to get used to it. (Who hasn’t experienced it, won’t understand!)

Years of temporary stairs – “There’s no point in screwing them on when I’m going to paint them.” (When?) A light bulb instead of a chandelier – “I’ll add the cover.” (When?) Dripping faucet – “I have to bring pliers” (When?) …and so on! And so, until I was forty-five years old, I painted, whitewashed, laid linen, cut grass… Because waiting for Packa to do it, and the most memorable sentence of my mother-in-law: “BE GLAD SHE DOESN’T GO TO THE PUB.”

But then I said to myself, no more! I fit in well and just when he does it, so be it. Well, it happens that the bucket overflows after all. For example, when the kitchen really needs to be whitewashed. So on Friday I conceived the intention to whitewash the kitchen and the hallway and on Saturday I intended to implement it, because with me, on the contrary, it is never far from the intention to the action. On Saturday morning, I go into Pazour’s workshop, where he was tinkering with his motorcycle, and by asking: “how much paint do I need for the kitchen and hallway,” I started a discussion post on the topic “DO YOU THINK IT’S JUST LIKE THAT?” “You have to move it out first, scrape it, plaster it. You don’t have a roller, plastic, putty! And if you think that now that you remember, I’m going to turn white, then forget it!”

I got into the car, went to a store called “PAINTS, VARNISHES”, bought paint, a roller, and plastic and returned to the base equipped like this. I pulled out sweatpants from my mother’s closet and it was already flying. When I was taking out the thousand mugs, glasses, cookbooks, commemorative nonsense that is carried from every entry point to anywhere, Sister Helena called to see if we knew she was coming to visit. I say “jojo, just go!” When she arrived, she stood in the doorway saying, “Are you kidding me, you’re white? (She said ass, but that’s not fit to publish). I should have known!” Mom pulled out another pair of sweatpants and the two of us continued. (Pazour pretended to be very busy with the motorcycle in the workshop).

After noon, sister Barča also arrived for coffee. Between the doors, she said: “You’re kidding me, you’re white!” (So ​​she used the same word as Helena). I should have known that!” And so we whitewashed in the three of us. We were doing pretty well, and so in the meantime, when we were free, Barča got the idea to go to the bazaar (understand the flea market) for some fleas. (Which, by the way, we have a full land.) We got a thousand kroner from my grandmother, so we set out on an adventure with gusto. Well, I only found a great twine winder in the abundance of everything, it always comes in handy in the house, but my two sisters discovered a lot of great things, so we set off on the return trip with the car crammed to the roof with cupboards, tables, chairs, and for a while it looked like Helena would have to walk, or we would tie her up to the roof with my new chainsaw. In the end, she fit in among the junk.

After returning, we discovered that Pazour had added switches in the meantime. So that he can say, when it’s convenient, that I’ll come up with something and he has to finish it.


(Anyone who thinks Claw is lazy is wrong! He’s a hard worker, but he only does what he likes).

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