Both Ukraine and Moldova have moved closer to EU membership. We describe what will happen next


Ukraine and Moldova have been given the green light by the Commission to start formal accession negotiations. This is an important step towards future membership, but their acceptance among the EU states may not be a matter of the near future.

And that’s only because the formal start of talks must be unanimously approved by the EU member states. The leaders of all countries should decide on this matter at a summit in mid-December in Brussels. The attitude of Hungary, for example, which could prevent this step with its veto, is rather tensely awaited.

In her speech, the head of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, spoke of a “historic day” in connection with Ukraine.

“Ten years ago, protests began on the Maidan. These involved shooting people wrapped in the European flag. Ten years later, we celebrate a historic day. The Commission recommends that the Council open accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova,” von der Leyen said.

“Everyone will benefit from this,” she noted in the context of future expansion.

The process of joining the EU has a number of formal steps that can take time

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