Trump is beating Biden in the polls. Many Americans fear his victory

Trump is beating Biden in the polls. Many Americans fear his victory
Trump is beating Biden in the polls. Many Americans fear his victory

The United States of America is slowly preparing for the possibility that Donald Trump could return to the Oval Office of the White House. Indeed, polls indicate that he will defeat Democrat Joe Biden in the next presidential election.

When the pre-election poll of the American newspaper New York Times was released indicating Trump’s victory in the presidential elections next year, the nightmare of many Democrats began to come true. According to American media, Trump threatens to use his second term in office to, for example, influence an independent judiciary or appoint his people to high positions in government organizations.

“In general, any American president in the second term can do much more, or at least try to, than in the first. Because he will not run again,” outlined the Americanist Jakub Lepš.

According to experts, he could even try to take revenge on people who betrayed him in the past. “I wouldn’t be such a pessimist because Congress is an extremely strong player and so is the Supreme Court. This also happened in the first election period, Trump issued a decree, the court found it unconstitutional and it immediately stopped paying,” added Lepš.

Americans are also worried about Trump’s foreign and immigration policies. It is said that it is not possible to predict how it will behave towards the current conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine, or whether it will continue to support Taiwan.

Donald Trump is currently facing a series of legal proceedings. But the US Constitution does not mandate that the president must have a clean criminal record. Thus, Trump could learn about his victory in the elections even from prison. Some recall the attack by Trump supporters on the Capitol in January 2021. In Colorado, for example, lawyers are trying to prevent his candidacy.

“They argued that the Jan. 6 attack and Trump’s attempts to reverse his 2020 election loss mean he’s no longer eligible to run for president. They want him off the ballot in Colorado. And if that happens, they’ll go to the rest of the 49 states,” political reporter Nicholas Riccardi said.

Already in the past, Trump has stated that his first act in the office of the president will be a pardon and an apology for those who stormed the legislative building.


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