Christmas gifts according to the horoscope: Stellar tips for demanding Capricorns

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Cindy Kerber8/11/2023

The last celestial sign of the horoscope associated with the earth element and at the same time the first in the calendar is among the demanding, practical and, at first glance, difficult to satisfy. But only at first glance, because if you get to know Capricorn at least a little, you immediately know what will light up his eyes under the Christmas tree.

One word of caution to begin with: Don’t even think of combining Christmas and birthday gifts for Capricorn. You just add fuel to the fire of trauma that Capricorns born around Christmas have been carrying since childhood. If you really don’t want to spoil their fun right from the start, never combine these two events into one. Not even for those who drew a black Peter and were born on Christmas Eve.

A classic Capricorn is demanding of himself and others. This is especially true at work, where they spend a lot of time. Use this fact as a starting point when you think about what to please him. They really appreciate practical gifts, but again only if they have some overlap. It can be a designer limited edition or personalized gifts that no one else will have. Keep in mind that in everything a Capricorn does, they prioritize quality over quantity and value gifts accordingly. Only the best is good enough, and nothing is better than something thoughtless.

Since Capricorns tend to be perfectionists who work hard at everything they undertake, think along these lines. In addition to designer, but practical!, accessories for the period of the day between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (and beyond), he will be happy with quality rest, because he doesn’t indulge himself. When relaxing, then in a castle and in fine silk. If it’s a handbag, it’s big enough to hold a laptop, ideally even personalized and in a design that you won’t wear next season.

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