Poor seniors? Mtus, which was then penetrated by the five fraudsters

Poor seniors? Mtus, which was then penetrated by the five fraudsters
Poor seniors? Mtus, which was then penetrated by the five fraudsters

Human life is getting longer, the population is shrinking, news for companies and politics make the seniors more expensive than college. Don’t pay too much, the old hunter usually has an empty pen. The so-called golden economy, i.e. business instead of people for decades, is a problem that slips through the fingers of companies.

According to an analysis by the Credit Suisse bank, the elderly are the fastest growing age group in the world, with their incomes and purchasing power increasing at a rapid pace, especially in economically developed countries. Seniors over 65 in Western countries or Japan spend roughly 15 percent more than the 25- and 64-year-old age group.

According to David Anto, a retail specialist at the Boston Consulting Group, a similar development will take place in the countryside. According to him, the economic potential of older people is much higher, which is not usually attributed to them. Fill it out with a statistical code. there is an old pensioner who goes alone, i.e. who goes by his income. Otherwise, however, according to senior citizens, the total households are still at risk of income poverty, about a quarter of the national average.

“Fifth-year-olds are a bit out of touch, but people who have managed to secure themselves economically are going to lose their pensions soon,” said Anto. Just stay loyal customers. According to BCG’s analysis, the senior company that it chooses to purchase goods and services spend four times as much as young customers, but companies tend to hire old people because they don’t understand what changes in the market caused by demographic and economic factors.

According to Lucie Vidoviov from the Center for Research at the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University, we should also get rid of the attitude that poverty equals poverty. “So far, it’s mainly the so-called meidi who have known about it,” k. These are the sellers who try to use the manipulation of often illegal practices to cheat seniors out of their pensions with low-quality, high-quality goods. “There are so many mistakes in companies that would treat an old hunter as a customer. Explain to the seniors that when they enter the aftermarket, the staff often tells them that there is nothing for them there, because everything is expensive. But the old hunter has to hurry me up or it will take a very long time,” Vidoviov added.

The elderly people of the village are the party of business women, but there are people who have managed to provide themselves economically and have to spend their pensions.

Get the oldest one the fastest

The rest of the population will, like most of the world, grow up elsewhere as a result of better health care, new clothes or new hygiene standards. While the most numerous age group in 2000 were twenty-somethings, now they are in their thirties and in 2050 they will be seventy-somethings, according to statistics. In the 5th century, people over 65 years of age will more than double, not at the beginning of the century, and they will make up almost a third of the population. The oldest will die the fastest. In the year 2035, there will be almost twice as many people over the age of 80 as there are now. This will make me a great sacrifice in the field of social services, healthcare or housing. In fact, this should be a problem for companies, which nowadays are increasingly replacing old people with slow-reacting companies.

Even today, there are many homes for the elderly, especially so-called homes with a yellow regime, in which there are people with severe forms of dementia, which mainly affects the elderly. This is mainly about Alzheimer’s disease, which according to the Alzheimer’s Society, 165 thousand people suffered last year and in 2050 there will be 280 thousand people.

However, the capacities of the homes for the elderly are far from meeting the demand. According to the data of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the number of unemployed persons in the last 10 years has decreased by four percent to almost 34 thousand, and in households with a yellow regime, the number has more than doubled to about 25 thousand.

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