What does Bud Spencer’s blue-eyed sidekick Terence Hill look like today? You won’t believe that he is already 84 years old

What does Bud Spencer’s blue-eyed sidekick Terence Hill look like today? You won’t believe that he is already 84 years old
What does Bud Spencer’s blue-eyed sidekick Terence Hill look like today? You won’t believe that he is already 84 years old

Terence Hill, a unique actor and icon of the film industry, was born on March 29, 1939 in Venice, Italy. With a height of 182 cm and bright blue eyes, he was the charming idol of many women and of the movie screen.

A promising athlete

Terence Hill he came from a family of an Italian chemist and a German woman. He spent the first years of his life in Dresden.

Terence was an enthusiastic and talented rower and swimmer from childhood. He demonstrated his sporting talent at the Italian championships, where he managed to win a bronze and silver medal.

Terence Hill, under his own name Mario Girotti, first appeared on the screen at the age of twelve. Then the director Dino Risi cast in the movie Holiday with a Gangster. He played similar roles in the following years. It didn’t take long for Terence to become a well-known child movie star.

The breakthrough in his career was the 1957 romantic comedy Lazzarella, which became the most successful film of the year. Terence Hill quickly won the hearts of the audience.

Another significant role of Terence Hill was the adaptation of the novel Oscar Wilde Picture Dorian Gray from 1958. Here he played the main character Dorian. In 1963, his director Luchino Visconti cast in the historical blockbuster Gepard, in which he played alongside the big stars of the screen as they were Alain Delon, Claudio Cardinale and Burt Lancaster.

The Picture of Dorian Gray brought Hill international recognition and popularity. At that time, Terence decided to stop studying classical literature at the University of Rome and in 1964-1965 he worked in Germany, where he acted in four films based on the novels Karl May. Thanks to them, he became a well-known and respected actor in Germany as well.

Breakthrough “sixties”

Another significant turning point in his career occurred at the end of the sixties. Hill then decided to return from Germany to Italy, where he began to collaborate with I’ll be Spencer.

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A famous and unforgettable tandem was born. The pair’s first film was God Forgives, I Don’t…, made in 1967. The film became a blockbuster hit, followed by a number of others such as 1968’s Ace of Trumps and 1969’s Boot Hill.

In the 1970s, Terence Hill and Bud Spencer began making films combining action and comedy. Film hits such as The Two Boys Between Heaven and Hell from 1972, If We Get Angry, We’ll Be Bad from 1973 and Two Cops from 1976 were created.

However, Terence Hill did not limit himself only to cooperation with Bud Spencer. In 1973, he filmed the western My name is Nobody, and four years later he starred alongside Gene Hackman in March or Die.

In the eighties, Terence Hill’s career began to gradually decline. There were several less successful films, but Terence still maintained a loyal audience. In 1994, he appeared for the last time alongside Bud Spencer in the film The Wizards. He was married with two sons and still looks great for the respectable age of 84.

Terence Hill is still a vital man at the age of 84.

In addition to movies, Terence enjoys riding motorcycles, he likes to read, and his favorite food is spaghetti with ketchup or onion steak.

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