In the accident, she killed her friend and seriously injured two children. She got probation


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On Wednesday afternoon, Tereza Kaňková (24) from southern Plzeň, who was responsible for an accident in Klatovsk in January of this year, in which her 23-year-old friend from Nýrsk died, left the Klatovsk court on Wednesday afternoon with a condition and a ban on driving. Other people, including two children, were injured. The trial was full of emotions, as not only the defendant cried repeatedly, but tears also flowed in the public benches where, among others, the parents or brother of the deceased girl were sitting.

Tereza Kaňková, charged with negligent homicide and negligent grievous bodily harm, at the Klato court.

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The fatal accident happened this year on January 28 before nine o’clock near Starý Láz, where Kaňková was driving an Opel Astra in the direction from Nýrsko to Klatovy. “When passing through a left-hand bend in a slight descent, the driving speed did not adapt to the nature and condition of the road as vehicle she got an oversteer. The vehicle became uncontrollable, crossed into the oncoming part of the road, where its right rear part collided with the front part of an oncoming Seat Leon passenger car,” she described public prosecutor Petra Švecová. She added that the accident was fatal for Kaňka’s 23-year-old passenger, who suffered such serious injuries that she succumbed to them on the spot. In the other car, the driver was injured, fortunately not seriously, as well as two sixteen-year-old children who were traveling with him. Among other things, the boy suffered a broken sternum, the girl had injured lumbar vertebrae. Both suffered other injuries. Kaňková herself ended up in the hospital.

Defendants for manslaughter a grievous bodily harm due to negligence could face up to six years in prison. The survivors – the parents, a sibling, both grandmothers and the grandfather of the dead girl – additionally requested non-pecuniary damage from her in the total amount of almost 5.5 million crowns, and further damages of 500,000, 110,000, 60,000 and 46,000 crowns.

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Kaňková spoke only a few words in court during the whole time. At the beginning she confessed to everything and asked for a plea deal, and at the end she apologized for what she had caused. She really made a deal with the prosecutor. They agreed to a sentence of two years, conditionally deferred for a probationary period of 34 months, and a driving ban also for 34 months. The Senate headed by judge Petr Sperk approved the agreement. “There was no reason not to approve her. It was a negligent act, the defendant regretted the act,” reasoned Sperk. Judicial Chamber He also ordered Kaňková to pay damages in the amount of 60,000 crowns to the owner of the car that Kaňková was driving at the time of the accident. All others were referred to proceedings in civil matters. However, it should be added that in these cases the compensation is paid by the liability insurance company.

The verdict is final.

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