The new electric Mini received Czech prices. They are not bad at all


The second generation of the electric British-German Mini comes with an expanded range of electric drives, while the basic one offers comparable parameters to its predecessor and half the range. It was presented at the Munich Motor Show in September and is now entering the Czech market. And it must be said that the basic prices are a pleasant surprise, at least compared to the competition. Although it is still true that those who want more style will pay hundreds of thousands of crowns, but the very fact that the basic version is also available for purchase is something we praise. And let everyone with the factory assumption that those who go for a Mini will certainly not stay with the basic equipment, cope as they wish. In any case, he will have a wide range of options.

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The offer includes two versions of the drive marked Cooper E and Cooper SE. The first offers 186 horses and a battery with a net capacity of 36.6 kWh with a range of approx. 300 km (varies depending on equipment) and acceleration to 100 km/h with a fixed start in 7.3 s. It is for this that Mini charges from CZK 795,600, i.e. CZK 175,000 less than the basic version of the predecessor cost before the start of sales discounts. However, it must be added that even the starting equipment is considerably more modest. The more powerful Cooper SE starts at a surprisingly affordable 904,800 CZK, for which it offers a battery with a net capacity of 49.2 kWh, a range of around 400 km, 218 hp, acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h in 6.7 s, and a higher top speed (170 instead of 160 km /h).

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There are four equipment lines on offer, while the options for retrofitting have been limited to the absolute minimum in the form of wheels, color and a minimum number of packages. The basic Essential fulfills the role “already from” and lacks completely essential elements. On the other hand, it offers dual-zone automatic air conditioning, navigation and 16″ alloy wheels, albeit of a rather utilitarian design. Buyers’ attention will, however, start with the Classic line. It replaces the gloomy basic black interior with a multi-colored version with contrasting upholstery, nicer headlights and a range of especially safety and comfort equipment In addition, the luxurious line Favored offers 17″ wheels and a luxurious leather interior in two colors. And finally, the John Cooper Works, which from the former top-of-the-line and factory-polished version has become just a sporty package.

Cooper E Cooper SE
Essential 795,600 CZK 904,800 CZK
Classic 936,052 CZK CZK 1,086,644
Favoured CZK 1,010,802 CZK 1,120,002
John Cooper Works 1,037,530 CZK 1,146,730 CZK

The car is currently available for order, but the manufacturer warns on its website that not all offered versions are available yet. We therefore recommend a careful inspection, ideally a consultation with the seller.

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