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He is a recognized artist from Péti Bajza

He portrayed the main character Péti Bajzy Adam Novak (43), who had already played in the Czech-German version Correct six. But he also gained some experience in front of the camera in Arabela or Freonový ghost. However, it was only thanks to this series that he really became famous. Despite his popularity, he took a different path and became artist and scenographer.

Adam Novák continues to work marginally in acting.

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Unlike her more famous sister Sandra Novákováwho played Evička z cukárná in the series, is only marginally involved in acting and occasionally appears on theater boards. According to the latest information, he is married and has a son, Maxmilian, and a daughter, Jasmínka.

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Čeněk Jirsák and Antonín Bejval remained in the field

Although it seems that the earth has collapsed after them, in reality they are still in the acting world, albeit in a different way. Jaroslav Powerwho played a rascal Čenka Jirsák, graduated from FAMU and continued to devote himself to screenwriting and directing. At the same time, he got into the spotlight completely by accident. Before that, he already played in the TV series Arabela, for which he auditioned only as an escort for his sister, who, unlike him, was ultimately not cast by director Václav Vorlíček.

Čeňek Jirsák’s representative is working on the film.

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However, the very first acting opportunity was a role Antonin Bejval for Štěpán Benyovszký, to whom the series Bylo nas five gave a life direction. He became him theater director and dramaturg. He first worked in a Prague ensemble Cabaret Caligula and today he is in the Dekkadancers dance troupe. He put acting on the back burner. He appeared, for example, in the movie Everything Will Happen (2018) as a policeman or in the third episode of the series North (2019).

Antonín Bejval works on the theater stage.

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Some withdrew from public life

Surely you remember the redhead Ed Kemlinka. He introduced himself in this role Jan Brynych, for whom it was the first acting venture. Then he only appeared in a minor role as a messenger in the TV series Dracula’s brother-in-law (1996). But in the end he preferred another field and graduated Czech University of Agriculture in Prague.

An older friend of the boys was also a prominent figure Pepek Zilvar from the workhouse, who liked to do all kinds of mischief with them. It was interesting that the director needed a guy who smokes for the series, which Jan Müller easily fulfilled and also learned the famous trick of hiding a cigarette in his mouth for the role.

The actor is just like the others was not actively playinghowever, he appeared in the fairy tale Lotrando and Zubejd (1996) and, after a longer break, in the series Einstein – Cases of Unbearable Genius (2020).

Author: csfd.cz/Czech Television

Instead of an actor with a mechanic

He completely withdrew from the acting world Jakub Hladík, who played the fat Otakárka in the series. Although he then played in the film Lotrando and Zubejda or in the film Testimony (1997), but then he preferred mechanic profession.

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