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Developments in air transport and aviation in general in recent years would make one’s head spin. Airlines were first exhausted by covid, now for a change their employees are not getting much sleep when they have to deal with the rush of renewed demand. Many investors who bet on the manufacturer of commercial aircraft years ago are probably now suffering from unpleasant stomach problems… Jet lag, or jet lag, also has such symptoms. Now summarized in a new overview from the world of air transport on e15.

Brexit meant for students from the European Union a significant increase in tuition fees in Great Britain and the loss of the opportunity to obtain an interest-free student loan. If the family does not have a strong financial background, Czech students have no choice but to find funds for their studies through foundations or approaching philanthropists. The latest trend is crowdfunding. Scholarship applications to UK schools are often unsuccessful despite being accepted to study. The introduction of interest-free student loans or other…

After the departure of Zeman, we lost supporters, Janda explains the problems of European values

The European Values ​​think-tank ran into financial problems and had to terminate the working relationship with dozens of people. He paid the price for expanding too quickly abroad and the gradual loss of interest from supporters. Now director Jakub Janda wants to focus exclusively on Taiwan, which supports the organization significantly. “I am convinced that the Czech Republic should be Taiwan’s main ally in Europe and that China is, next to Russia, the main security threat to Europe,” he says in an interview for E15.

Let's stop making excuses about the crisis, there are practically no normal years in our history

Mojmír Hampl recently stated that the excuse of crises does not make sense, because we are constantly in one. And he’s right. It has become a rule in our discussions about politics and public finances that they are spiced up by the context of the ongoing crisis. No one denies that we live in difficult times, but try to search your memory for the last time in our history that you could not find an excuse for a crisis.

Food prices will drop from January. We will check it, says the new Minister of Agriculture

The new Minister of Agriculture, Marek Výborný (KDU-ČSL), intends to ensure that certain traditional sectors, such as vegetable and fruit growing, are not liquidated in the Czech Republic. He is also against the disappearance of potato cultivation from the Highlands. “We will certainly help local farmers. But I have no ambition for us to be self-sufficient in almost everything. We don’t live in a wired country, we are part of the open market of the European Union,” he says. Who exactly will be affected by the reduction of subsidies in agriculture by more than ten billion crowns, …

Companies hire a fifth less part-timers. Their places were filled by people who couldn't make ends meet

Companies’ interest in seasonal workers has cooled a bit compared to last year. Businesses are hiring more cautiously, data from job portals shows. At the same time, however, there are new candidates who, due to the current economic situation, have to look for extra income. In some areas, companies can choose, but this does not apply everywhere, for example, after covid, it is still not possible to get the necessary number of employees for gastronomy, even part-time.

Morning check: CNB makes it easier to arrange a mortgage, school for YouTubers backs down after criticism

Good morning! It is the 153rd day of the year, Jarmil’s holiday. On this day in 1953, Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in Great Britain. Read the most important news of the past hours.

AT A GLANCE: Election calendar. What kind of elections does the Czech Republic have until 2032

This January was marked by elections, after five years we elected the president of the republic. We will have the opportunity to exercise our right to vote in future years as well. It won’t be until 2027 that an election holiday takes place for the first time – assuming, of course, that everything goes according to plan and there is no need to call an early election. What awaits us until 2032? Go through the detailed election calendar.

Coloseum and Pilulka from the Start market will issue new shares

Three companies that are listed on the Start market of the Prague Stock Exchange have recently announced their intention to raise capital for the second time through the issue of new shares. In two cases, these are companies whose management is loss-making, so it will be interesting to see how this affects the interest of investors. Read the next issue of the E15 Investment Newsletter.

You have no idea that you want to know the answer to these questions. A YouTuber has found a strategy to make education fun

It will answer questions you may not have asked, but you definitely want to know the answer to. On his YouTube channel Jirka, Jiří Burýšek explains things, demonstrates that learning something new is incredible fun. The secret of his success is the care he gives to his videos. He works hundreds of hours on one piece and shows that quality content on YouTube makes sense.

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