Ingeniously designed mini-apartment for single men. See how comfortably and elegantly you can live on 24 m2


In the hustle and bustle of modern life, a single man’s retreat should be more than just a place to rest his head – it should reflect his personality, style and aspirations. There is no need for anything big. See how ingeniously the man solved the 24-meter space in the video. You can get inspired.

Designing a small apartment for a single man is an art that combines functionality, comfort and elegance in a limited space. Imagine a superbly designed mini-apartment where every square meter is carefully used to create a harmonious living environment. Let’s explore how a compact 24 square meter space can be transformed into a stylish retreat tailored for the modern bachelor:

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The main role is played by the sliding wall

The apartment you see in the video is near the harbor in Sidney, Australia. The house was built in 1960 and has a total of 4 studios. The apartment in the video is around 24 m2 and it is very bright, which further enhances the space that separates the living area from the bedroom. It is divided by an ingenious sliding wall made of wooden slats, which let light through beautifully.

Original apartment before reconstruction

The original apartment was designed completely differently, according to the architect Brad Schwarz. It entered a small hall, which was also a kitchen. The second room was a living room and a bedroom at the same time. During the reconstruction, the man demolished and completely remodeled everything. The highest priority was to strictly distinguish the living area from the bedroom, which at the same time had to be really large only by necessity, in order to increase the size of the living area.

Everything was solved by the sliding doors, or rather the sliding wall, which either separates the bedroom, revealing the kitchenette, or covers it, so the bedroom opens into the living room.

This wall also ensures a visual separation of the bedroom and the living area during the day, which is very effective.

Space used to the fullest

Attention is paid to every detail and, of course, to storage spaces, which are extremely important in such a small studio. The bed has pull-out storage spaces. Even the corners of the bed and the window are ingeniously designed, so that they light up the space and do not take away even a centimeter from me.

The details are coordinated in terms of color, at first glance the white color of the walls and furniture predominates, as well as fine wooden accessories – the sliding wall has the same color as the floor. In this way, the space is not broken up unnecessarily.

And you ask where is the bathroom? That’s another gadget. The bathroom and walk-in closet are hidden behind a “secret” door that looks like a kitchen cabinet at first glance. Behind them, however, to our surprise, the entire space opens up with a built-in wardrobe and a bathroom. Even this space is very airy thanks to the pastel colors and it certainly doesn’t look like the whole apartment is 24 meters high! The overall impression of airiness and spaciousness is also completed by the lights and the mirror on the wall, which optically enlarges the space.

The kitchen is also controversially solved with built-in appliances for one – a single man does not need a large refrigerator or a giant stove. For a single man, a well-equipped kitchenette is a must. A compact kitchenette with modern appliances, efficient storage and a small dining area allows for easy meal preparation and casual dining. Elegant plates, minimalist design and smart lighting create a pleasant atmosphere for culinary adventures.


the sliding wall separates the living area from the sleeping area, while allowing light in and is color-coordinated in such a way that it looks very luxurious


the sliding wall separates the living area from the sleeping area, while allowing light in and is color-coordinated in such a way that it looks very luxurious

Space optimization is possible even in old buildings

At the end of the video, the man talks in general about living in old houses in Sidney, which are solidly built and ageless, giving the opportunity to use every meter of space very economically.

Maximizing space is key in a small apartment. Clever storage solutions such as multifunctional furniture, built-in shelves and under-bed drawers can lighten the space and provide enough space for essentials without sacrificing style.

In the area of ​​living in small apartments, ingenuity and creativity reign. A brilliantly designed mini-apartment for one man is proof of the art of using space, in which functionality, comfort and elegance are seamlessly combined.


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