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The idea of ​​the Czech Minister of Defense to withdraw from the UN is politically impractical, but emotionally understandable and morally justified. And actually one of her few good ideas. (Does anyone remember another one?) The minister used it to stand side by side with Donald Trump, who planned, but did not manage to stop the disproportionately generous American funding of this immoral organization for the same moral reasons as the minister, although he is probably not among her favorites . Sometimes, even in exceptional situations, relatively incompatible personalities surprisingly find themselves on the same side, just as other relatively compatible personalities sometimes find themselves on opposite sides. Classic examples of the second variant were, for example, Hitler and Stalin. Or today, for example, Hamas and LGBTQ+. Or so LGBTQ+ think on their “Queers for Palestine” posters.

Maximalistic morally correct proposals and demands are often impracticable in politics. However, this does not mean that they should not be spoken, or that they should be mocked when they are spoken. Especially when all kinds of morally incorrect but politically correct ideas are vehemently promoted alongside them. They should be pronounced if only so that in that sea of ​​political correctness an island of moral correctness would occasionally appear, from which a civilization buried by barbarism or eclipsed by ignorance could once again sprout. Some kind of Galilean “and yet it spins”.

Just a few weeks after the immoral resolution supported by the political correctness of even those still pretending to be civilized, the United Nations showed its contempt for its nations by handing over the presidency of its “Forum for Human Rights” – and if you don’t know this yet, hold on to the lamppost – to Iran . He was appointed already in May by the President of the UN Human Rights Council. No protests were recorded. And why too. That it was indeed “consistent with established UN procedures according to the normal rotation of member states” was confirmed and approved by the EU Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell. It was just Iran’s turn and that was it.

From this momentous and historically turning point, human rights will be closely monitored by the new president around the world according to this UN template: All women will have the right to veil – no forced obligation to strip down to a bathing suit, as they try to do against chaste Muslim women on their beaches and swimming pools introduce France or Germany. All LGBTQ+ people will have the right to choose to be hung from a lamppost or thrown from a roof or have their throats slit. All those apartheid, racist Israeli occupiers will have the right to go for a swim in the Mediterranean Sea and never surface. After them also Hindus, Buddhists and Christians.

You poor people will have the right – but what, you surely already know all your rights. Even your crimes. If you don’t know them, start learning them now. You surely know that even in the most legal state, ignorance of the law is no excuse. For example, start by saying that your main crime is your very existence.
By the way, the president of the Human Rights Commission this year is – and if you don’t know, hold on to the second lamppost – a certain Mr. Václav Bálek from the Czech Republic. His presidential task is to “impartially see to it that the Council operates in accordance with the principles of the United Nations.” This task he fulfilled with distinction. The Czech Republic is therefore the presiding country in 2023. She also performed her task with distinction.

And maybe we will finally understand where our much-desired government learned to mock its citizens so masterfully in almost everything it does or doesn’t do.

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