Not just HIMARS, Patriot or Bayraktar. Why is it appropriate for a Western country to supply weapons to Ukraine?

Not just HIMARS, Patriot or Bayraktar. Why is it appropriate for a Western country to supply weapons to Ukraine?
Not just HIMARS, Patriot or Bayraktar. Why is it appropriate for a Western country to supply weapons to Ukraine?

INRussia’s war against Ukraine has become an important test for anti-aircraft weapons, anti-aircraft weapons, armor and drones. Just the fact that it can be used against one of the strongest armies in the world guarantees the attention of manufacturers and a two-day argument when negotiating with orders. Armourers, their products survived in the train, received not only orders for additional exhausted arsenals of Western countries, but thanks to good advertising they secured new markets, expanded production and modernized their products faster than their competitors, the columnist Ukrainska pravda under the headline “It is appropriate for Western countries to supply weapons Ukraine”.

As a concrete example, he changed the “historical event” from last May, when the American Patriot anti-missile system shot down the Russian Kinal hypersonic star from the sky above Kiev, which it was claimed that the anti-aircraft defense would not be able to intercept. The Ukrainian announcement about the fall of the Russian steles and the article in The Wall Street Journal, how American patriots became the heroes of the Ukrainian wolves, became invaluable advertising that brought profits to the manufacturers, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, in the billions of dollars.

Until now, it was believed that the supply of arms to Ukraine depended only on the loyalty of the allies and their presence at the front, according to Ukrainska pravda. These supplies, however, are also influenced by the competition between the fallen countries and their ambitions to apply themselves on the world arms market, many think and identify the American HIMARS rocket launchers as an example of the commercial rush, which, according to him, have changed the rules of the game in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. This rush also attracted the attention of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, which were looking for a weapon capable of destroying the Russian army. Last year, the Baltic states went from signing contracts for more than a billion dollars. In the meantime, the rocket launcher’s popularity reached the borders of Europe, and its order was placed in Taiwan, as well as Morocco and other countries from the Asia-Pacific region. And the manufacturers Lockheed Martin and Raytheon are in the process of duplicating production.

Growing demand for weapons also wants France, which is offering its Caesar howitzers, to have good results on the Ukrainian battlefield. “By the end of the year, the factories of the Nexter company will operate without interruption and produce eight howitzers per month instead of ten,” noted the Ukrainian denk. He added that, in addition to the demand, the Javelin anti-tank weapons were also produced by the American companies Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. “After being used against Russian tanks, they were ordered by Brazil, Albania, Bulgaria and Latvia,” the newspaper wrote, stating that the manufacturers were going to produce 4,000 of these missiles a year, twice as many as before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


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Potential spoilers rush, because the capacities of the armories are limited, sometimes they are booked for Ukraine and for the restoration of reserves in those countries, from which the weapons were sent to Ukraine. According to the paper, the US-Norwegian anti-aircraft defense system NASAMS can be used as an example, which has proven highly effective against Russian missiles and drones. Although the production cycle of these weapons is long, the Taiwanese companies have decided to take the test, and they will have a new one.

Demand also rose for the Switchblade 300/600 drones, which few had heard of, but they proved themselves in battles with the Russians and became an indispensable part of the modern army. France and Lithuania signed contracts for their purchase last year, according to Ukrainska pravda. For another example, Turkey announced the Bayraktar TB2 drones, their deployment in Ukraine prompted the manufacturer to improve the cooperation of its drones with the air force, speed up the exchange of information, improve protection against radio-electronic interference and enable cooperation with drones that lose sight of the target and disappear by themselves.

For example, the newspaper announced the French-Italian competitor of the American patriots, the SAMP-T system, which, however, was never tested in combat – not this year, France and Italy provided it to Ukraine. Similarly, competition with American jets could prompt Stockholm to provide Saab JAS 39 Gripen jets to Ukraine, according to the daily. O n did show some concern, but buyers ultimately gave priority to the American F-16 and F-35 machines. Unlike its American competitors, this vdsk sthaka has never been tested in real combat.

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