Kane shines for Bayern, but… He still lives with his family in a hotel where he pays a fortune!


The goal tally of star footballer Harry Kane (30) in Munich is growing and growing. But the bill for the hotel, where the English representative is currently living with his family, is also growing with him. It became clear how much Kane had to pay for a stay in luxury so far. The amount will make you spin dolls!

He couldn’t have done better in his new place of work. Harry Kane, who came to Bayern Munich in the middle of August for around two and a half billion crowns, has already managed to create a Bundesliga record when he netted a respectable fifteen goals in the first ten matches. But not everything is as perfect as it might seem at first glance.

We mean specifically Kane’s current residence. The English sniper still hasn’t found an ideal house to settle down with his family. “Harry is a family type, so finding a home where he can live with his wife Kate and children is a priority,” an unnamed source revealed to the British newspaper The Sun. All of them are currently staying at the five-star hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski, which is located on the luxurious Maximilianstrasse in Munich. And it must be noted that it is definitely not a “cheap” stay.

On the contrary, according to the aforementioned paper, it is supposed to be a real fortune! Specifically, Kane should have already spent on the hotel an astronomical 29.5 million crowns! One night should cost almost 300 thousand crowns. But according to some, the situation is a little different. As reported by the German tabloid Bild, Kane himself and the representatives of the Bavarian giant have slightly different financial conditions on this topic. The amount reported by The Sun is therefore supposed to be greatly exaggerated.

The suite itself, in which Kane and his family currently live, is said to be located in the historical wing of the hotel. What will you find inside? For example a spacious living room, two marble bathrooms, silk curtains, furniture with refined design or six televisions. “He started his tenure at Bayern in an incredible way. If he’s even half as good at finding space as he is at scoring goals, he’ll end up at the Palace. Not that his hotel is shabby,” a source told The Sun. But one thing is certain. The sooner Kane finds a new home, the sooner he’ll be free of high hotel bills.

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