Lesu Rupiah to Rp15.655 per Dollar AS Sore IniI

Lesu Rupiah to Rp15.655 per Dollar AS Sore IniI
Lesu Rupiah to Rp15.655 per Dollar AS Sore IniI

CNN Indonesia

Kamis, 09 Nov 2023 16:00 WIB

The nilai tukar rupiah is closed at the level of Rp15.655 per US dollar on Thursday (8/11) evening. (CNN Indonesia/Adhi Wicaksono)

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Nilai tukar rupiah dikupi di level Rp15.655 per person US Dollar fall Kamis (8/11) sore. Mata uang Garuda melemah 5 poin atau minus 0.03 persen dari tārādān sebelumā.

Meanwhile, the reference course of the Bank Indonesia (BI) Jakarta Interbank Spot Dollar Rate (Jisdor) places the rupiah at the position of Rp15.649 per dollar AS pada trasangan sore ini.

Majoritas mata uang in the region of Asia is covered in the green zone. Tercatat won Korea Selatan menguat 0.04 percent, Philippine peso menguat 0.25 percent, Thailand baht menguat 0.12 percent, Singapura dollar menguat 0.03 percent, dan yen Jepang menguat 0.07 percent.

Di sisi lain, yuan China melemah 0.15 percent.

Sementara itu, mata uang negara maju embaguyam vary. The Australian dollar depreciated by 0.23 per cent and the Canadian dollar depreciated by 0.01 per cent.

While the Euro is up 0.03 per cent, the British pound is up 0.03 per cent, and the Swiss franc is minus 0.07 per cent.

Analis Pasar Uang Lukman Leong says the rupiah melemah against the US dollar after being depressed by the data of the retail store in Indonesia.

“Inflation data China yang lebih rendah juga membebani rupiah,” katanya kepada CNNIndonesia.com.


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