Sky phenomenon: What can you see with the naked eye this morning?

Sky phenomenon: What can you see with the naked eye this morning?
Sky phenomenon: What can you see with the naked eye this morning?

People can observe the remarkable phenomenon from Thursday morning in the sky, where the Moon can be seen and Venus is close to it. During the morning, the planet will even be covered by the moon.

Astronomers have pointed out that this morning at dawn, the Moon will be seen in its narrow crescent phase and very close to it the bright planet Venus in the role of Morning Star. The angular distance between the two bodies will continue to decrease until Venus is eclipsed by the Moon shortly before 11 o’clock.

“Although it is a phenomenon in the daytime sky (at a safe distance from the Sun), in a clear sky and under good conditions, especially clear air, it could be seen with the naked eye, because Venus can be found even in a clear sky in daylight . But it will be better to take at least a smaller telescope (perhaps a trident) to help,” said the Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in a press release.

The entire phenomenon will last more than an hour, but the very entry of Venus beyond the lunar edge and subsequently its exit from behind the Moon will last only tens of seconds. Venus will also have a phase – similar to the Moon between full and last quarter, so it will appear as a glowing oval in binoculars.

“In Prague, the entry will be around 10:58 CET, the exit around 12:13. In other places of the Czech Republic, the times will differ by minutes. For example, the website offers an accurate prediction of the phenomenon for the selected location, or you can simulate for your location using the freely available Stellarium program,” added the Astronomical Institute.


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