The workers blocked the doors of the shed with treasure. The price of the statue reaches 70 million


The Scottish town of Invergordon can boast of a breathtaking find. In the shed of the factory there, one of the city councilors found a bust of a young man, which the workers used as a door stop. When she brought it out of the factory, it turned out that it was actually a million dollar treasure.

The stolen treasure was recovered in the Scottish town of Invergordon. In one of the workshops there, the councilor discovered a statue that the workers used as a door stop near the shed. The bust depicting the young man already belonged to the city. However, she was lost for a long time.

Councilors found the statue in 1998, and shortly after cleaning and evaluating it, they estimated its value at more than 6 million crowns. Since then, however, its price has increased. At the latest valuation, the bust could be sold for almost 70 million crowns, reports CNN.

The bust originally dates from the 18th century and depicts a young man believed to be the British nobleman, legislator and founder of Invergordon, John Gordon. It was commissioned by the famous French sculptor Edmé Bouchardon in 1728. Among other things, Bouchardon was the court sculptor of the French king Louis XV.

The fate of the statue of young Gordon is unknown, but it is known that Invergordon bought it back in 1931. At that time he paid five pounds for the statue, which is more than eleven thousand crowns with inflation. However, it is not known how the statue ended up in the garden shed and how long it was there. Councilors estimate that it could have been several decades, the Scotsman portal writes.

Precious Bust | Source: Profimedia

The town is now preparing the statue for sale at an auction, where it can fetch up to the aforementioned 70 million to the town’s coffers. The money should go to support the development of Invergordon. Councilors have not yet decided what exactly the city will spend the money on.

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