ROGER WATERS: Come on down

ROGER WATERS: Come on down
ROGER WATERS: Come on down

The famous American investigative newspaper Glenn Greenwald has a regular weekly talk show Update System on the Rumble video platform from December 2022. On November 1, Roger Waters was his guest.

The ten-minute clip from the approximately one-hour program is available on YouTube.

An excellent musician, the somewhat excellent frontman of the band Pink Floyd. Today, spe is the frontman of Israel’s most vicious devils.
While most people around the world are appalled, disgusted and disgusted by the barbarity of the Hamas killers, Waters sees it quite differently. In the interview, he stated that there was something very strange (very fishy) about the Hamas stream from January 7 on the Israelis and indicated that it could have been a false flag operation. What is the deadline for organized events, e.g. government, which are fabricated so as to appear to have been carried out by someone else. That in itself is supreme indecency from Waters; vt to spout his shameful speculation that the whole thing was not done by Hamas, but that it was planned by the Israelis themselves. The musical genius must have lost his sanity.

According to Waters to an Israeli: what about 9/11 What actually happened during the American 11/11? No one knows.


The moderator of the program asked the guest if he thinks that what Hamas did on January 7 can be justified. Waters: Well, we don’t know what they did. Was it justified to defend against the occupation? Yeah. There is a Geneva Convention. They have an absolute first and moral obligation to resist the 1967 occupation.

Don’t we know what they did? In that whole St. Except for Roger Waters.

His defiant occupation has one significant catch. The bloodthirsty killers of Hamas did not give a damn occupied country, but within the internationally recognized borders of the State of Israel. If only the musician would identify with the ideology of Hamas, even if the land of Israel falls among the occupied territories, which is nothing more than politics proclaiming the liquidation of the Jewish state. would Waters sink so deep into the mornal mire?

In addition: the Geneva Convention, which Waters forgot in a stupid attempt to justify the flows to Israel, prohibits exactly what the Hamas terrorists have committed in Israel.

In a further question, the newspaper Greenwald asked the guest if there are any limits to the Palestinian resistance. Waters responded with an apology: If crimes were committed, I condemn them. Ničmán refused to utter a word about such a crime. And he stated: In the end, Haaretz was drinking with words about the sweat of the zabitch. The first 400 were probably Israeli soldiers and that’s not a big crime.

Unreal demagoguery, for two reasons. Israeli soldiers were killed on their own land when they clashed with terrorists, so that’s the crime.For another, Waters completely missed the 260 civilians killed by Hamas on January 7th at the open-air Supernova music festival. So on the land of Israel. Moreover, in an attempt to downplay the dangers of Hamas, he pointed to Israel’s highly inflated claim of satach non-speakers. Horrible evidence of babies found without heads still exists, as well as male, rape, incendiary and other layers.

Both Greenwald and Waters had a negative assessment of Israel. The current day in the Gaza Strip is the strangest, worst thing they have seen in their lives. Waters even suggested that Israel would commit genocide. However, according to the website of the Jerusalem Post, which is the source of information for this link, not one of them has changed the 240 hostages taken by terrorists in the Gaza Strip in the shortened video on YouTube, of which around ten are children.

Not that I didn’t know Roger Waters’ views on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs, but still: I didn’t suspect, I didn’t want to admit, that anti-Israeli hatred could drink this musical personality to the point where he would take the side of bloody terrorist creatures. And to fall so deep on the mornal ebek.

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