A senior on an electric bike crashed into a van near Zlaty Hory. He died on the spot


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A tragic traffic accident happened on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 8 in Jesenice. In Ondřejovice, near Zlaty Hory, a senior man crashed on an electric bike. He died on the spot.

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“The seventy-six-year-old cyclist on an electric bike when going down the hill did not adapt the driving speed to his abilities, the characteristics of the bike and the traffic technical condition and nature of the road. “While passing a slight right-hand turn, he went in the opposite direction, where he collided with an oncoming Fiat Ducato,” said police spokesman Libor Hejtman.

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The 36-year-old van driver tried to avoid the accident, braked intensively and drove the car off the road to the right. Nevertheless, the cyclist hit the left front side of the van.

Despite immediate first aid, the senior died on the spot. A breath test for alcohol was negative for the driver of the Fiat.

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