Didn’t you go here? The police are looking for witnesses to the nighttime accident in Vratimo


Ostrava police officers are appealing to the public for cooperation in the investigation of a traffic accident that occurred a few weeks ago at night in Vratimov.

The police are appealing to the public for cooperation in the investigation of the bus and e-bike accident.

| Photo: with the consent of PČR

On the night of Tuesday, September 12, specifically at 10:25 p.m., a traffic accident occurred in Vratimov.

From the preliminary information, it is known so far that the driver of public transport bus line 81 was traveling along Buničitá Street, in the direction of travel from U Trati Street to Frýdecká Street. At the same time, a 51-year-old man on an electric bicycle was also passing through the place in the same direction.

“There was contact between the bus and the cyclist while driving. As a result of this collision, the cyclist fell on the road and suffered an injury that required medical treatment,” Eva Michalíková, spokeswoman for the Moravian-Silesian police, told Deník.

Police are looking for the driver of the Mercedes. He left the scene of a serious accident in Ostrava-Porubá

As she added, police officers from the Ostrava traffic inspectorate are investigating the circumstances and causes of this traffic accident. They investigate the course of the accident and, in connection with this, contact any witnesses who were at the specified place at the given time.

They are also asking drivers of vehicles who were passing through the area at the time, and their vehicle may have an on-board camera, to contact the emergency number 158.


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