Streisand’s nose mocked! She said why didn’t she go for plastic surgery


Because of her prominent nose and slight overbite, she was looked down upon. She didn’t understand. She had been performing incredibly well as a singer from a very young age, so at first she thought it was all about her abilities, not her looks. “I thought, is that not enough as my talent?” he writes in his biography My Name Is Barbra. In addition, the singer and actress did not perceive her facial features as a beauty flaw.

While the actress Jennifer Grey, 63, best known for the movie Sinful Dancing, underwent a nose job, Barbra never considered cosmetic procedures. Additionally, when you consider the fact that Grey’s was uncast after the nose job and later regretted the procedure, it can be concluded that Barbra’s decision not to get rid of what makes her unique was the right one.

In addition, as a singer, she did not want the nose job to interfere with her singing in any way. What could have happened… “It would be too big a risk. Who knew what it would do to my voice? A doctor once told me that I have a deviated septum, maybe that’s why my voice sounds the way it does.” the server quotes the singer. Although she wouldn’t change anything about herself, she never took criticism of her appearance well.

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As soon as she understood that talent does not compensate for the opinions of some, she ceased to be interested in the words of the general public. “Once you become famous, you become public property. You are the object of examination, photography, analysis, dissection… And in half the cases you don’t recognize the person you are supposed to be. That’s why I try not to read anything about myself,” she writes in her biography My name is Barbra.

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