She is 24 and wants a baby with her 85-year-old husband. We can do it with IVF, even if the clinic had prejudices –


This couple is separated by 61 years, but neither of them takes it as an obstacle. They both want a child together so much that they are willing to do anything for it. Will their biggest dream come true?

The two met in 2019 in a laundromat where the young Miracle she worked Both agree that it was love at first sight. Charlesa retired real estate agent, came to do his laundry, and when he saw his future wife, he walked right up to her and asked for her phone number.

Neither of them solved the huge age difference. “Charles is 13 years older than my grandfather, but that doesn’t bother me at all. He was and is my knight in shining armor, he radiates an incredibly positive energy,” she snapped at her soon-to-be Miracle.


The couple decided to seal their love with a wedding, despite numerous criticisms from close quarters. The bride’s father also initially protested against his son-in-law – a pensioner. “I told him I needed his support and escort to the altar. When he met Charlie, he immediately fell in love with him,” Miracle said. Her dream of a perfect wedding came true and she remembers the event as the best day of her life.

The biggest common wish of the spouses is to start a family. And for that they are both capable of doing anything. “I want us to leave behind another generation. We are planning to visit an IVF clinic to find out how many chances we have of conceiving. We have already been to one, but I felt a lot of prejudice from the doctors. It was quite unpleasant. But I try to be despite it positive, as is my husband,” Miracle described the situation to The Mirror magazine.

The young woman also faces criticism on social networks. People accuse her of only using Charles for finances. “He insults me that I’m with him only for money, I can support myself” says Miracle, who currently works as a nurse and also makes a living selling erotic lingerie and erotic accessories.

She claims that she doesn’t care if her husband is a hundred years old or fifty, she likes him the way he is. “Charles looks 60, plus he’s still active,” said Miracle, who believes that they will receive the desired baby as soon as possible.

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