Fight therapy. We release our demons in the cage, smiles the former UFC champion before the fight



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Cage fighting as therapy, cleansing the body of demons and dark thoughts. With this setup, two warriors will go to battle this weekend. Jessica Andrade and Mackenzie Dern. Both ladies have been, and are still going through, a difficult time in their lives in recent months. Their relationships fall apart, their families fall apart. Fighting in a cage will help them forget, at least for a while. The therapeutic battle will take place in the middle of the main card of the UFC 295 gala in New York.

Former strawweight champion Jessica Andrade has had a difficult time in her life. In short, this year does not wish her well. She visited the cage four times, celebrated only once. In addition, in the last three matches, she was finished before the limit each time. But the unsuccessful series has to do with the breakdown of personal life.

Since 2019, the Brazilian has been married to her lifelong partner Fernanda Gomes, who has supported Andrade several times from the coaching corner.

Both women celebrated successes and defeats together. Andrade praised that Gomes is an incredible support for her. However, this is no longer the case.

When asked at the pre-fight press conference how she felt about her opponent going through a tough time in her life, Andrade replied with a mysterious smile. “She’s going through it, I’m going through it too,” the Brazilian surprised.

“We’re going to go to the cage and release our demons… I’m actually going through what she’s going through even longer because my divorce started before hers. When the fight is over, we’ll exchange information on how our divorces are going,” she added with a laugh.

Dern has been going through a tumultuous divorce from her husband since May of this year.

Ahead of her fight against Angela Hill at UFC Vegas 73 in May, the American revealed that she is fighting a complicated legal battle with her ex-husband Wesley Santos. This includes a dispute over who gets custody of the little daughter.

Dern has been experiencing constant chaos in recent months. In addition, the court ruled that she must pay alimony and court fees to her ex-husband in the amount of $10,000 as the main earner.

“We all have our own problems. You have to learn to handle the pressure. I recently went through a divorce. The divorce is final, but you don’t realize how many consequences there are after it. I literally have to get punched in the face to pay the amounts,” she added Arizona native with a smile.

Pressure accompanies her life constantly. But he didn’t put her on his shoulders, she learned to wash with him. We’ll find out how he holds up to the Brazilian challenger at UFC 295, which you can watch on Telly.


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