The unusual story of a UFC fighter. Her grandparents were abducted by aliens, it became a bestseller



Author: Josef Mikolášek

Angela Hill.PHOTO: UFC

If you didn’t remember her for her performances in the cage, now you will definitely remember her for a rather absurd (and hard to believe) incident. There has been an interesting legend in the family of UFC fighter Angela Hill for many years. Her grandparents were allegedly abducted by aliens a few years ago. A book was written and a film was also made based on their story.

The 38-year-old fighter is proud of the famous “stork”. It became a hit in the United States, although the only evidence was the testimony of Barney and Betty, the American fighter’s grandparents.

They were returning from a vacation at Niagara Falls in the summer of 1961 when out of nowhere they were followed by an unknown light on an isolated highway in the mountains of New Hampshire where they lived. A UFO emerged from the light and, according to Barney’s hypnotized account three years later, “the humanoid creature forced them to undergo medical tests.” The aliens allegedly removed their clothes and took samples of their hair, skin and nails. An African-American couple was also said to have inserted probes into their heads or arms. After three hours, Barney and Betty woke up and couldn’t remember anything.

This, in a nutshell, is the story that became the model for the book bestseller The Interrupted Journey (1966). Nine years later, the Hollywood film The UFO Incident was made, which enjoyed great popularity.

“It’s a great thing to see it on TV and to have something to do with it,” enthuses Angela, who spoke about it to the BBC and the Hard Times podcast. “In our family, we always took it seriously. Everyone believes it. We know something happened. They both had similar nightmares. The Men in Black got them,” she was referring to the film of the same name (1997) starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, which erased the memory of all humans who had come into contact with aliens.

“I think a lot of us look to the stars for answers. I definitely think there is life out there. There’s so little we still know, and I think whenever something like this comes up, it’s a blow to the human ego. Whether or not they were in contact with that other life is up for debate, there’s a lot going on on this planet that we don’t understand,” Hill said. She has a career record of 15-13 after her last win over Denise Gomes, and 10-11 in more than six years in the UFC.

Neither of the grandparents is alive anymore. Barney died unexpectedly at the age of 46 in 1969, Betty passed away in 2004 at the age of 85. But their story will live on, according to British media, Netflix is ​​already making a movie about it.


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