His 70-year-old grandmother was also blamed for the child’s death after a collision with a motorcyclist in Klatovsk. She had bad guarding


Regional police spokeswoman Dagmar Brožová confirmed the criminal prosecution of a 70-year-old woman for negligent homicide. However, she did not want to comment further on the accusations due to the sensitivity of the case and the age of the victim.

At that time, the senior woman was returning from the forest with her grandson and three other boys from the neighboring cottage. They stopped at the side of the road and waited for a car to pass. Then, when nothing was moving, she yelled at the children: “Guys, hurry up.” At that moment, a biker appeared on the horizon. In front of him he saw four children and an elderly woman with a wheelchair crossing the road from left to right. He let off the gas and began to brake. When the group saw him, they all tried to run across the road. The 34-year-old motorcyclist reacted to them by trying to go around them in the opposite direction.

But the boy who was the last to cross got scared and stopped right in the path of the motorcycle. There was an impact, after which the boy died on the spot.

Motorcyclists are prosecuted for the death of a child, even though he did not break the rules

“When we were about halfway down the road, I saw a motorcycle on the horizon from Železná Ruda. I called again, guys, hurry, hurry. The three boys were already on the other side. The motorcycle was going fast, it seemed that it was not braking at all. Her driver swerved to avoid me. I didn’t register what happened behind me. Only then did I see that the motorcycle fell on its left side and ended up in a ditch,” described the situation of the accused woman, who, according to the expert, did not have a sufficient overview of her grandson’s movements.

“It is difficult to ask a boy of that age to correctly assess the situation and prevent a traffic accident. But it is different from the adult person who accompanied the children,” the expert stated.

The motorcyclist hit the boy at a speed of approximately 77 kilometers per hour. The expert opinion shows that if he had slowed down to 40 km/h, he could have safely avoided him. Even though the motorcyclist did not violate any traffic regulations and the boy stopped at a distance where he could no longer prevent the tragic collision, according to the investigators, he should have been more careful. “The driver is obliged to take extra care, especially towards children, and react to the situation in advance to prevent a collision. The accused should have reduced his speed significantly at the moment he registered the pedestrian. Trying to go around them on the left is not a sufficient expression of increased caution,” stated the investigators.

The rescue boys were unable to help

The medics who were called were unable to help the boy.

“Lay resuscitation was immediately started on the spot, led by an emergency line operator. Upon arrival, the crews took over resuscitation and continued for another 30 minutes. Despite all the efforts of the responders, they failed to restore the boy’s vital functions, the doctor pronounced him dead on the spot,” said Mária Svobodová, the spokeswoman for the Pilsen rescuers at the time.

The driver gave priority to the girl, she was killed by the driver in the other lane

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