Buy poppies in the streets of Czech cities directly from soldiers and support the Military Solidarity Fund

Buy poppies in the streets of Czech cities directly from soldiers and support the Military Solidarity Fund
Buy poppies in the streets of Czech cities directly from soldiers and support the Military Solidarity Fund

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You may have already met them in Tábor. You may meet them in Prague, Strakonice, Čáslav and Jindřichová Hradec. We are talking about soldiers who can be seen today and tomorrow in the streets of some Czech cities with money boxes for the Veterans Day collection. It is organized by the Military Solidarity Fund and its proceeds will help soldiers and their relatives who find themselves in a difficult life situation.

“We want to expand the range of options for contributing to this year’s collection, and such contact campaigns help us bring the topic directly to the general public,” explains the director of the department for war veterans and war graves and at the same time the chairman of the Military Solidarity Fund committee, Colonel Robert Speychal.

The goal is both to raise a higher amount that will support soldiers and their family members in need, and also to bring the importance of this group closer to the public. “We want information about war veterans to get closer to the public. After all, these are people who daily risk their health and lives in wars and in places where they prevent the spread of chaos and the emergence of conflicts. In the USA and Great Britain, they enjoy great respect and recognition, but not so far here. We would like to change that,” adds Speychal.

On Thursday, November 9, soldiers will be in the streets of Jindřichova Hradec and Čáslav, and on Friday in Strakonice and Prague. In addition to Náměstí Míru, where the all-day program for the Day of War Veterans will take place, you will also find them from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in other frequented locations in the center of the capital city (IP Pavlova, Karlovo náměstí, Staroměstské náměstí, around Hlavní and Masaryk nádraží, Prague Castle). They will be equipped with piggy banks for the Veterans Day collection and poppies with the tricolor, which will be given to anyone who donates any amount to the collection. Of course, you can contribute in several ways – in addition to cash, for example by sending the amount to the collection account number 44665522/0800 VS: 918 (also using QR payment – see the attached poster) or a donor SMS in the form of DMS VFS 30 or 60 or 90 to the phone number 87777.

The collection for the Day of War Veterans is organized for the ninth time by the Ministry of Defense in cooperation with Charity of the Czech Republic in a joint project. Collection boxes will be located in hundreds of places throughout the country until November 17. The most easily accessible to the public are those at EuroOil gas stations, at state institutions or 14 regional military headquarters and other places.

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