Don’t do it forever. Ppad Marvels dobe illustrates what is now an unprintable sign of the underworld | Culture

Don’t do it forever. Ppad Marvels dobe illustrates what is now an unprintable sign of the underworld | Culture
Don’t do it forever. Ppad Marvels dobe illustrates what is now an unprintable sign of the underworld | Culture

Snapshot Marvels, in which the superheroine, with an indomitable female character, gave fate to the universe, entered the Czech cinemas on the same day when the box office went flying with the title Astronauts from the ISS. Evidently, it will take some time for society (and perhaps not only the Czech Republic) to wake up to get rid of its backwardness and fully appreciate the motivating stories of capable women, such as the one in the new Disney-Marvel movie.

Sorry picture Marvels this noble transition does not exactly make it easy for the audience, and most likely it will not help the Marvel studio very much either: it enters the American theaters with very skeptical estimates of demand, according to Variety magazine, it would be surprising if it grossed less than 80 million dollars in the first weekend (compared to last year’s film Doctor Strange in the multiverse of stupidity started with 185 million).

It’s too much

Fall Marvels stupid times illustrate a lot of what is until recently unprintable with the production signs of the industry. A crucial role is played by the effort to overwhelm the audience with an enormous amount of content that cannot match the quality of the films that defined the extraordinary rush of Marvel creations. Iron Man year 2008 and finally a monumental finle Avengers: Endgame (2019).

The death of Disney’s gifted studio to take this end as the beginning of it to go much further and build a connected Marvel universe not only in movies, but especially on the Disney+ streaming platform has already unleashed consequences. Don’t blame screenwriters or digital effects creators (they founded a trade union because of this in the first place), and let the audience be willing to devote their capacities exclusively to the intertwined Marvel universe: such dedication would be necessary for a full understanding of the characters and plots of the new creation.

And a picture Marvels so those who have seen not only the film before will probably understand it better Captain Marvelwhere Brie Larson introduced herself in the title role, but that’s how they watched serials WandaVision especially Mrs. Marvel from the first, the character of Monika Rambeauov (played by Teyonah Parrisov), and from the second, Kamal Khanov (Iman Vellaniov) entered the film.

Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel, who in the past decimated an entire civilization and destabilized the universe, is the main driving force of the new film, but in reality the American-Pakistani teenager Kamala alias Ms. Marvel: a devoted fan of comics, whose absolute idol is Captain Marvel, she herself becomes part of the trio of superheroes.

It is even possible that all the following crazy adventures have their origin in their original fantasy, because otherwise Kamala’s close family would have tried to assimilate them.

The captain is a princess


USA 2023

Premiere November 9, 2023

Marvels must prevent the captivity of the decimated people of Kree, so that the universe or its essence will be destroyed for a change, because it is necessary to draw resources from elsewhere to replace their own. There are two magic rings connecting asospace. And the coke, which will throw out tentacles in both of them.

Aprinc: when the heroines get to the musical planet, where there is a lot of talk and Captain Marvel is a princess there. Pee Disney could not be more excited about the new Marvel creation, but it will probably be a bit of a problem to sell such a year to Marvel fans other than Kamala Khanov.

It is noteworthy that screenwriter Megan McDonnell and director Nia DaCosta wanted to entertain the audience (perhaps even a little in the style of an Oscar hit All at once), but the result is an incoherent mix of all Keo’s scenes, where the actors vacillate helplessly between forced sitcom speech and shallow pathetic outbursts.

The original footage was so unsatisfactory that it was released in 2016. Even the current result does not hold the story together, and the whole thing strongly evokes an afternoon seril, not a film.

The current prestige of Marvel characters is also evidenced by the information that director Nia DaCosta did not stay with the film, nor did she pursue another project during the entire post-production period. There is a lot to save here, but tm Marvels it probably won’t be there.

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