Brno-based Ofisly helps solve the hybrid work of Samsung and ShipMonk

Brno-based Ofisly helps solve the hybrid work of Samsung and ShipMonk
Brno-based Ofisly helps solve the hybrid work of Samsung and ShipMonk

The coronavirus pandemic has forced people to work from home, and some companies have realized that it can be an interesting long-term work benefit. That is why they are jumping on the trend of hybrid work, and Brno-based Ofisla is helping them with the setup. Check out the Telegraph’s summary of the new startup investment.

Invested startup: Offices

Who invests: The Novira Capital fund (the connection between the fund and the startup took place, among other things, thanks to the innovation agency JIC), which won the award for investment hit of the year at this year’s Startup Awards from CzechCrunch.

How much and in which round: Millions of crowns, pre-seed.

Startup headquarters: Brno

Founders: Jan Slováček (CEO) and Filip Klečka (CTO). Classmates and graduates of Brno BUT. They started by programming websites and simple applications for B2B customers, thanks to which they came up with the idea for Ofisly.

What the startup does: With its focus, it responds to the strengthening trend of a hybrid way of working, where employees work partly from home and partly from the office. It is the hybrid mode that presents new challenges for the efficient use and organization of office space. The application was created in cooperation with office managers, helping them to get an overview of office occupancy, save rental costs, make real-time decisions based on data and optimize the use of space. Ofisly has been on the market since 2021 and helps companies such as Samsung, Heureka Group, Société Générale, BDO or ShipMonk. It cooperates with the South Moravian Innovation Center and this year the company received support from the Ment2Grow program aimed at growing B2B startups.

How big is a startup: Dozens of customers, he has five people in his team.

Why it’s interesting and what the potential is: “We believe that Ofisly has the potential to change the way companies manage their office space. That is why we are happy to be able to support them with investments on the way to foreign expansion,” comments Vít Vrba from Novira Capital.

What the startup plans to use the investment for: The main goal is foreign expansion along with the creation of a scalable model.

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