Sexist comments on TikTok are among the most liked

Sexist comments on TikTok are among the most liked
Sexist comments on TikTok are among the most liked

Sexist comments on TikTok videos are more popular than non-sexist ones. And they are more often written by men than women, the study showed.

According to the research, which was presented at the conference of the cyberpsychology section of the British Psychological Society, sexist comments received an average of 604 likes, while non-sexist ones received 375. The Independent reports on the analysis.

“We were surprised that sexist comments were liked more than non-sexist ones. We thought that users might condemn sexism by not liking sexist comments, but in fact we found the opposite,” said study lead author Genavee Brown.


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She added that female users’ videos attract more sexist comments than male videos. And more often men leave them under videos. Her team analyzed 400 videos from four different hashtags – cakechallenge , bottleflip , thorshammer and chairchallenge . Of the 7,688 comments, more than 13 percent were sexist.

If every time you talk about something you’ve achieved, it’s challenged, it can have a psychological impact and make you feel like you don’t deserve your success.

Genavee Brown, psychologist

“It seems that TikTok is not immune to the rampant sexism on the internet. The most common form of sexism was discrediting, where women’s achievements came under fire, often because of their gender,” added Brown. She also drew attention to the possible serious psychological effects that similar comments can leave in male and female creators.

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