The mother killed herself and her daughter Emma: She was at the bottom after her husband’s suicide


“I will not rejoice until the day comes when we are together again somewhere in paradise and I can once again look into the hypnotic depths of your captivating green colored eyes” it says in one of the posts she regularly shared on Facebook. The look she longed to meet again belonged to her husband Radoslav, who took his own life a few months ago.

A year ago, the couple had a daughter, Emma. Her mother Viktoria took the man’s loss very badly. “I hate the world because I have to live without you” lamented a young woman on the Internet, as pointed out by the newspaper Nový čas.

Other posts in which a desperate woman counts down her last days are also disturbing: “You used to sing me a song about ‘twenty-two days.’ Yes, days, but I’ll keep the number to myself…but it won’t be long…tick tock.’

Victoria’s fateful day was Wednesday, November 8. Neighbors from the village of Veľký Lom found her dead in a barn. In the same place where her beloved “Rado” also took his life. A child’s body lay in the house without signs of life.

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The case was immediately handed over to the regional police stationed in Bánská Bystrica. Her spokeswoman has so far refused to disclose any information to journalists from TV JOJ. The cause of death of both persons has not yet been disclosed.

Slovak investigators are solving the case of two tragic deaths in the south of the country.

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