The most popular of all. Why does the color blue have magical powers?


Do you look at the surface of the sea or the changing shades of blue that make up the sky and feel a sense of calmness and relaxation embrace you? You probably intuitively perceive that the color blue has healing effects. With its help, it is possible to bring the often confused human organism back into lawful order, and it is also the central color of the current issue of WHAT.

Blue is the color of stability, trust and calmness. It is associated with the water element and feminine energy, loyalty, tenderness and is said to evoke a sweet taste and promote healing. Sensitive people with a rich inner life, introverts who are looking for love and kindness tend to like her. It belongs to the sign of Libra. A YouGov survey conducted in ten countries on four continents showed that blue is the most popular color across all countries. Most liked by 23% (in Indonesia) to 33% (in the UK), putting it 8-18 points ahead of other colors.

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A trip to the beauty of blueprints

Since you can’t go to the sea every weekend, you can go to a blue printing workshop for indigo dye. The blue print is so exceptional that in 2018 it made it onto the UNESCO Intangible World Heritage List. However, with the arrival of textile factories, these workshops disappeared and only two remained – the workshop of the Danzinger family in Olešnice in Moravia and the workshop of the Joch family in Strážnice. If you go to the workshop of the Danzingers, which has been operating here since 1816, you will discover the original wooden hand molds and indigo dyeing techniques. In their shop you can buy scarves, skirts, pillows and aprons (aprons, editor’s note). It also offers the possibility of making your own pattern or a tour of the production.

Do you want to lose weight? Eat from the blue plate

The color blue is one of the most popular colors, but at the same time one of the least tasty. Some weight loss diet plans even recommend eating food from the blue plate. Why? Blue is rarely found naturally in food. Humans are also hardwired to avoid foods that are poisonous, and a blue coloration is often a sign of corruption or poison. The color blue can also affect a person’s physiological functions. It can lower a person’s heart rate, causing a drowsy effect.

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The healing power of blue

In folk medicine, it is known that blue is literally a miraculous color. Some medicinal products are processed from blue plants. According to an ancient custom, wounds were covered with bandages made of a blue scarf. This color has an antiseptic and cooling effect. Peasants hid the grain intended for sowing in a blue apron, as this color is said to support seed germination and plant growth. In addition, the dark blue – indigo color has an effect on the nervous system and a beneficial effect on the mentally ill.

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Why does the Virgin Mary wear a blue cloak

In the 11th and 12th centuries, blue became very popular and began to appear in works of art. It was the so-called Marian blue, with which the Virgin Mary’s robe was painted. Blue here was supposed to symbolize wisdom, faith and sadness. One of Giotto di Bondone’s important frescoes in Padua depicts the Virgin Mary embracing the dead body of Christ. It is clear evidence of the blue wave of that time. The garment of Mary covers the body, but also adorns it, and is the opposite of the often used purple, which was subsequently associated with secular monarchical power.

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